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Lifting Weights Doesn’t Make U Big! Eating Biryani Does.

Samantha Akkineni

URLife Guest Editor & Indian Actor

2 min read

Nobody is perfect and there’s no such thing as a perfect body. We need to feel comfortable in our own skin and accept ourselves for who we are. Beauty as we know comes in different shapes and sizes. There are many different body types in the world and you need to embrace yourself for who you are. Women usually tend to live according to previously set standards of beauty. There seems to be some kind of obsession about having the perfect features and perfect body.

Celebrities, especially women, are under constant scrutiny. There is body shaming by critics and anonymous trolls on the internet. Their body is either too fat or too skinny and never good enough. In my opinion nothing can be more beautiful than being confident and loving yourself! Take charge of your negative thoughts and you will feel more confident. Don’t put yourself through any kind of stress, because you’re already perfect. Love your body just the way it is!

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Fashion trends may pressurize you to look like a mannequin, but it’s just not practical and healthy to be size zero. You are never going to be able to please everyone so there is no use trying! Loving URself just the way you are will help you become the best version of URself. Developing a positive outlook is very important. Be proud of your body and just be you. No matter what people say or expect, be comfortable in your body and love yourself. You need to be OK with not being perfect.

The size of UR waist has nothing to do with UR worth. Don’t let UR mind bully UR body!

Society can be very judgmental at times, but you need to stand up against body-related stereotypes. Just ignore any negative comments about your body and the way you look. Also, in case you are struggling with weight gain due to health issues like a hormonal imbalance, just deal with it in a healthy way. It’s your health that matters and not anyone’s opinions about you.

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I believe you need to love the skin you’re in. I work out to stay fit, to be healthy, strong, and energetic and feel good! I don’t work out to lose weight or to get a ‘perfect body’. I feel you should choose to take care of yourself because you want to, not because you want to follow the false perception of what your body should look like! The size of UR waist has nothing to do with UR worth. Don’t let UR mind bully UR body!