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Lean Arm Workout For Women

Sandeep Raj

Transformation & Lifestyle Coach Internationally certified Nutritionist & Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Precision Nutrition L2. NSCA CPT

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Everyone has something they are self-conscious about! For some, it’s their legs, for others their stomach and for some of us, it’s our arms! Even though we try to foster body positivity, sometimes we stray from our fitness goals or dream body with our hectic schedules. It takes a lot of time and dedication for you to be able to smash UR fitness goals. It’s going to take much more effort if you’re continually distracted, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give working out a try! So, what are the best arm workouts for women you ask? Read on to know how you can make UR arms lean!

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If you’ve noticed women tend to pack a lot of fat around the tricep area, and it is one of the most common problems faced by women, as we don’t consciously concentrate on push movement in our everyday life.

Triceps are made of three parts: the long head, lateral head and the medial head.

While exercising, we tend to push ourselves because we want to become a better version of ourselves. But at the same time, it’s also essential to stay away from injuries, by being mindful of UR form, exercise and breathing technique!

Working on the long head/length of UR arm provides maximum strength for UR triceps.

Thumb Rules To Follow Before & After UR Workout Sessions
  • Avoid injuries
  • Stretch before you work out
  • Stick to UR form
  • Get the right technique
  • Don’t use momentum to work out
  • Remember to cool down post workouts

As I work out with compound exercises, I engage my triceps and biceps in two parts:

  • Push day: Chest, shoulders and triceps (chest press or shoulder press)
  • Pull day: Back and biceps (pull-ups or rowing workouts)

It is more beneficial to work out UR arms with these exercises as the muscle is already warmed- up. I generally recommend women to focus more on the long head of the triceps, as opposed to lateral movements like the cable curl and cable push down.

Dumbbell Extension - URLife Wellness Platform
A single hand unilateral dumbbell extension
  • Place UR left hand on the right-side of UR rib cage
  • Now hold the dumbbell high with UR right hand and curl it over UR head by bringing the dumbbell behind UR neck
  • Make sure to maintain UR form, range of motion and UR breath

This exercise helps you focus on the form of both UR arms individually, which also allows you to work on every part of UR tricep.

A single dumbbell extension
  • Holding a single dumbbell with both UR hands
  • Slowly bring both ur arms up at the same time
  • Continue this exercise for 10 – 15 reps

A single dumbbell extension is a compound exercise where the back and posterior part of UR body is stable, and all the concentration is on the long head of your triceps. Any workout that requires a shoulder flex and extends your arms beyond your head and pushes forward targets your long head triceps. The cable exercise gives you tension even when your triceps are engaged.

Dumbbell Kickback - URLife Wellness Platform
Dumbbell kickback
  • Lie down on a bench
  • Keep UR lower back straight while you keep UR body horizontal to the ground
  • First raise UR shoulder and fix your elbows
  • The only movement from this point is UR elbow to the back and curl
  • Squeeze when you come up and move the dumbbell away from UR body; then come back down in a controlled manner
  • Whenever you contract your muscles, breathe out
  • Kickback majorly works on the lateral head of UR triceps

UR arm placement is shorter with the close grip bench press or a diamond push-up on the ground, or a V bar pushdown exercise. The shorter the distance between UR hands, the better UR triceps are recruited.

Tricep close grip dips
  • Be seated on a ball and keep UR hands on both sides
  • Stretch UR knees out while you keep UR legs flat on the ground
  • Lift yourself completely off the ball and support your body with your feet and palms
  • Keep UR shoulders turned back and core engaged
  • Slowly lower UR body towards the ground and just as soon as you nearly touch the ground, push upwards and get back to UR starting position
  • Be sure UR elbows are aiming backwards
Diamond/triangle push-ups
  • Get down on all fours and elevate yourself using UR arms, palms down like how you do in a push-up, but while you keep UR palms closer to each other making a diamond shape
  • Keep UR back flat and control UR elbows from sliding to the side while UR lowering UR chest towards UR hands
  • Right before UR chest touches the floor rise back up to the starting position and repeat

Diamond push-up or triangular push-ups and close grip dips are the best finisher exercises for triceps. I like to do failure repetitions, and it is usually bodyweight exercises. Beginners can go for a bent knee triangular push-up. Those at advanced and intermittent levels can do a standard push-up with their toes landing on the ground. I personally try to push for training to failure as it is exhausting and leaves me without an ounce of energy!

Instead of focusing on the number of reps or variations, it is even more beneficial to focus on UR form, breathing technique and posture as they are collectively significant, especially in arm training. It’s also essential to get the right posture, maintain form and use the complete range of motion while performing the exercise. If you have a wrist injury, use a wrist band for support and avoid putting too much pressure or stress on UR injured wrist. Better yet, consult a physiotherapist before you exercise to avoid injuring yourself even further.

I’ve often noticed that when people do overhead triceps extension, they don’t do the full range straining their joint, not muscle. If you don’t use the complete stretch and squeeze the muscle, it will cause an injury. Lastly, try to get the most out of every workout session by following the basic rules and foundation of exercise!

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