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Dance To Set Your Spirit Free – Learn The Moves!

Bosco Martis

Bollywood Choreographer

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International Dance Day is celebrated each year on April 29 to create awareness amongst the public about dance and to encourage art and culture around the world. Dance is an art form and also a way of communication in different cultures. It is performed and enjoyed the world over. Dancing is also a great way to increase fitness and improve UR social skills. A popular exercise form, dancing helps to reduce anxiety, enhance self-esteem and improve mental health.

For me, dance is attitude. It is how you express yourself and the vibe of what you feel within. When people dance together there is a feeling of togetherness and great joy is experienced. This enhances communication and brings about acceptance and trust in UR own ability, leading to a sense of freedom.

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Dance can transform UR mind, body and soul because it can be described as something you try to interpret. So when you’re happy and dance – you can feel the joy within. If you dance when you’re sad, you will become aware of the expression. Or if you’re nervous and dance, you will be able to experience your environment better and take in the positivity around you. Dancing can really change your life!

When you dance, you give UR body a lifetime of health benefits, even if you are dancing just for fun. But when you dance in a coordinated, systematic way you can improve your health immensely. In fact, doctors sometimes recommend structured dancing because it’s a safe and helpful way to exercise.

The health benefits of dance depend on the form you choose to take up but all dance forms improve your health by making you strong and agile.

Dance also plays a significant role in mental well-being. I feel a healthy mind can express well and what’s better than expressing every emotion through dance! So you know what you’re feeling and what you’re seeing. The positive effects of dance on mental health is due to the increase in self-esteem that you experiences as a result of moving UR body to the music, working together with others and interacting with people and making friends.

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There is a connection between UR body, mind and emotion. So when you dance, UR overall health is increased with this activity. Also, the actions you are required to do while dancing engages UR muscles and help to make you strong from within. Dancing also helps you to get rid of the tension and fatigue that is caused by stress.

The health benefits of dance depend on the form you choose to take up but all dance forms improve your health by making you strong and agile. Dancing also helps to improve UR balance and coordination.

If you want to increase UR flexibility, it’s best to opt for the ballet and contemporary dance form as these forms have a lot to do with how you project yourself, how you throw UR body, how you express yourself and how you emote through feelings.

Dancers always strive for precision and one of the toughest dance sequences we’ve choreographed so far is for the film ‘War’ for the song ‘Jai Jai Shivshankar’ where Tiger Shroff and Hrithik Roshan are dancing together. It was really challenging because we had to perfect perfection, and that’s very tough because it’s not just one who is perfect but two. So basically we had to perfect perfection twice!

I love Charan’s style of dancing – he’s got a natural swag. His efforts are so smooth, and he’s got a great vibe! But knowing him, he probably burns a tremendous amount of calories for his dance sequences because his songs are quite hectic and dramatic. That being said, remember that the amount of calories you burn while dancing depends on the duration, the music, and the kind of dance you choose to do.