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Satisfy Your Midnight Craving With These Six Snack Ideas

D Tejaswi

4 min read

Turns out, you can ignore the “no food after dinner” rule if hunger keeps you up. The right late-night snack can promote better sleep, improve your mood, and prevent overeating the next morning.

It is 3 am. Sleep seems to drift further away as you toss and turn under the covers. Your tummy is grumbling, triggering hunger cues. Granted, your first instinct could be to grab that packet of chips or salted biscuits, but there is a more satisfying choice. Reach for nutrient-dense, low- energy foods. A study titled The Health Impact of Nighttime Eating: Old and New Perspectives reports positive findings with eating low fat, low-calorie nighttime snacks. It says that given that there is typically a long duration between eating dinner, sleep, and the next main meal (i.e., breakfast the following morning), the overnight period may represent a 6–8 h window of opportunity to potentially optimise health, metabolism and overall human performance. So, midnight snacking isn’t all that bad.

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