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How to Eat Like a Yogi: An Introduction to Ayurvedic Nutrition

Adarsh Soni

6 min read

An Ayurvedic diet revolves around a person’s body type, their temperament, their lifestyle and the food they grew up eating. In his book, Yogiplate, acclaimed chef and yoga teacher, Radhavallabha Das teaches us how to eat according to our doshas and gunas, and how Sattvic food not only nourishes our body and mind, but also our soul.

Ayurveda uses two fundamental concepts to understand a person’s nature:

  • Tri-doṣa or the three ‘building blocks’ that can sustain as well as damage life forms.
  • Tri-guṇa or the three ‘modes/types’ of nature that develop our personality.

Triguṇas influence our psyche, which shapes our behavioural traits, while tridoṣa is generally responsible for the physical characteristics. Tridoṣa builds and helps the functioning of a healthy, strong body, whereas triguṇa influences our likes and dislikes. So, in a sense, tridoṣa is responsible for the hardware (the body) while triguṇa is responsible for the software (the mind). All of these play an important role in designing our diet, which is a major source of our nourishment.

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