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How to Break up With a Toxic Friend

Adarsh Soni

5 min read

Anyone who has been in a toxic friendship knows that they can range from hurtful and disrespectful to downright abusive. Whether you’re nipping it in the bud or ending things after a long period, here’s how to do it effectively.

Maybe it was an impulsive decision, or more of a slow build. Maybe you started to loathe them. Maybe you still love and care for them. No matter the reason, getting rid of a toxic friendship is important for your mental health. But it can also be incredibly painful; probably just as much as ending a romantic relationship. But when someone you trust constantly tears you down, or makes you feel less worthy of respect and love, then that person has got to go. And quick. But it’s easier said than done, right? “One fine morning you decide to end things for good and remove your toxic friend from your life but when the moment of truth arrives, you end up bailing because there are still some good memories that you are latching on to. Letting go can be hard, but it’s necessary for your growth,” says Dr Seema Hingorani, a Mumbai-based clinical psychologist with almost two decades of experience in psychotherapy.

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