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The A-Z of Indian Superfoods: Coconut

Dr. Lakshmi K

PhD in Food Science & Nutrition

7 min read

In Sanskrit, coconut is referred to as ‘Kalpavriksha’ or ‘tree of life’ for its myriad uses and healing properties that nourish and protect the body. Use this ‘hero’ ingredient to rustle up scrumptious treats or add it to a self-care ritual for your skin and hair.

Coconut or Cocos nucifera is a superfood. It is an important fruit tree growing in tropical and subtropical regions. In India, the use of coconut and its applications in Ayurvedic medicine have been documented in post-Vedic epics of Mahabharata (3000 BC), Ramayana, and Buddhist stories in Jakarta. It’s also included in Ayurvedic /agricultural treatises, historical accounts, travelogues, and Sanskrit literature dating the 2nd and 1st century BC.

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