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Jarcuterie—the latest snacking trend that’s also Covid-19 friendly

Adarsh Soni

2 min read

Everything you love about charcuterie boards—wrapped up in one easy-to-access jar

When you think of finger food at a social gathering, nothing gets more versatile than a charcuterie board. They are delicious, healthy and can be tailored to fit any event. From seasonal fruits to timeless cheeses—anything and everything can be used. But now that we’re living in a world where Covid exists, previously common practices have to be altered for them to work. In this case, a charcuterie board that would’ve seemed like the perfect way of sharing food with your guests now sounds like a health hazard. But with the new and improved ‘Jarcuterie’, everyone can safely share a flavourful cheese board.

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What exactly is Jarcuterie?

Jarcuterie is basically everything on a charcuterie platter, but housed in individual-sized jars. So instead of arranging the goodies on a board, you layer them in pretty little containers—simple. It can be both served as a starter or enjoyed as the main course. With some effort (and healthy ingredients), Jarcuterie can be well balanced, wholesome, and a delicious opportunity for creativity.

How to create one

While there are countless ways of building up your very own Jarcuterie, there are certain tried and tested methods that are fool-proof. Fill a small jar with chopped nuts, add wholegrain crostini (we suggest amaranth for that extra dose of protein), and top it off with some diced seasonal fruits and any cheese of your choice. You can also insert skewers with olives and/or tofu along with some herbs to garnish. And there you have it—with just a couple ingredients, you can create an individual-sized meal rich in antioxidants, protein, omega-3, vitamins B, A, and C, magnesium among many other nutrients.

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Jarcuterie ideas for your first post-Covid event

While the nutritional benefits of Jarcuterie are endless, it’s the visual appeal that instantly attracts onlookers. Filling these pretty little jars can also be enjoyed as a family activity where you teach your kids about the benefits of eating healthy food—in a fun way. Here are some easy ideas that you can use for your first Jarcuterie endeavour:

1. Smoky tomato dip & halloumi Jarcuterie for the ones that prefer savoury over sweet

2. Figs, olives and blackberries for some Mediterranean flavour

3. Kid-friendly Cupcuterie

4. Fresh salad in a jar

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