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Unbelievable Effects Of Food Combinations

Kinita Kadakia Patel

Sports Nutritionist, Body Transformation & Health Management Expert

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There are so many diets out there with food ‘rules’ that are sometimes extremely demanding and difficult to keep-up with. One needs to remember, what’s most important is to include the three macronutrients; carbohydrates, protein and fats in our diet to have an efficient gut microbiota. ‘Food Combining’ these three major nutrients helps one make their gut function at an optimum level.

What Is Food Combining?

Food combining is deeply rooted in Ayurvedic medicine which is considered by many to be one of the most holistic ways of working with UR gut. Another application of food combining came into play in the 1920s, when a physician named William Howard Hay, who adapted and viewed this practice with a medical perspective. The Hay Diet was known for using food to heal and achieve optimum health. Current food combining methods have combined Ayurveda and The Hay Diet principles to make it more appealing to the masses and UR gut.

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These principles believe that specific food combinations don’t work well with your gut. For example, when fish is combined with yogurt or when milk is combined with vegetables. But, the science of nutrition thinks otherwise; it propagates in making your gut stronger and healthy with a lot of pre and probiotics. Your gut is basically designed to digest anything, but some food combinations can work well for a few people and have completely opposite results for others. Many don’t respond well to certain combinations and can feel sick instantaneously when they mix various food combinations.

Even though some combinations may sound a bit bizarre at first, like apple, lemon juice and yogurt, but surprisingly, this recipe can work in favour of your gut. This recipe is known for its cooling effect on UR gut, making your system more alkaline, by dropping the acidic levels.

Ideal Food Combinations

Turmeric and ghee
Almond and yogurt
Hard-boiled egg and green salad

Whether you might’ve had milk or eaten chapattis your entire life, there is still a possibility that these foods might not suit your gut. That’s because of our allergens which change simultaneously with our age and hormone levels.

Can people feel when something is not working with their body? What do you recommend for them?

It’s completely normal and natural for anyone to instantaneously feel a reaction when they eat something that doesn’t suit their gut. They may feel bloated, sick or might have an allergic reaction. That’s why I always ask my clients for feedback after every diet I recommend. I do this to ensure if the diet is suiting their gut and body. I start by asking them a series of questions to understand them better and this is how I make changes in their individual diets and health.

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As our body’s change with age, there are certain immunoglobulins and allergens that also keep changing in the body. So, one may realize that suddenly at 50 you may not be able to digest milk easily, or at 45 eating gluten is causing you to bloat up. Whether you might’ve had milk or eaten chapattis your entire life, there is still a possibility that these foods might not suit your gut. That’s because, allergens changing with UR age and hormones. These changes frequently happen with women due to their fluctuating hormone levels. Hence, it is even more vital for us as women to listen to our body and understand the changes it undergoes with our age, food preferences and lifestyle choices.

A detailed feedback helps me understand my clients progress levels, current nutrient absorption rate and food reactions, which helps me in personalising their diet even further.

Results and improvement don’t happen overnight. Working collectively with your nutritionist or dietician will help you improve UR overall well-being at a gradual pace.