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Stuff To Think About While Cooking

Upasana Kamineni Konidela

Wellbeing Curator

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Our kitchens are considered to be the heart of our household. It is where we cook food and spend time with our loved ones, so it is quite natural to expect the heart of our household to be spick and span at all times. This is why cleaning and sanitising UR kitchen should be taken seriously, especially with the coronavirus scare. We have to do our part in sanitising our homes and ourselves to stay healthy.

Hygiene and health go in hand. It’s not just meant for keeping UR kitchen hygienic, cleaning gets rid of harmful germs, bacteria, pests and keeps diseases away. All of which tend to thrive in unhygienic spaces of UR house. Well, I have a few helpful tips, which have always helped me and can help you too in keeping UR kitchen spick and span.

Kitchen Hygiene 101

Wash your hands with soap. This is a no brainer and should be done religiously every time you are cooking or doing something in the kitchen.

Make sure UR nails are short, clean and without nail polish. Keeping UR nails short avoids food from getting stuck, and any nail discolouration that can happen from the yummy masalas added in our food.

Wearing hair caps while cooking or giving it to UR staff while they cook, avoids any unwanted hair in UR food.

Ventilate UR kitchen, open as many windows as possible, turn on the exhaust fan to get rid of stagnant air, unpleasant smells and to avoid sweating while you cook.

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Be happy when UR cooking, because happy people put a lot of positive energy into the food.

Invest in one-time use gloves to avoid getting your fingers cut, avoid touching or contaminating any food. This can be easily given to UR staff to maintain hygiene while cooking.

Have two cutting boards, one for veggies and fruits and one for meat only. Wash UR cutting boards after every use to improve their shelf-life and basic hygiene.

Maintain separate knives for vegetables and meat. This prevents any remnants left behind on the cutting board from contaminating other food items

Wash UR veggies and fruits with warm water and salt to get rid of germs, wax and harmful contaminants.

Hygiene and health go in hand. It’s not just meant for keeping UR kitchen hygienic, cleaning gets rid of harmful germs, bacteria, pests and keeps diseases away.

Clean and wipe the kitchen counter & stove after cooking to ensure there are no grease or food stains to keep UR kitchen clean and pristine.

Sweep and mop the kitchen floor to avoid stickiness, stains and pests. This makes you feel good when UR cooking too.

Declutter UR shelves and pantry every month to get rid of expired food and unwanted pests, to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.

Keep UR food storage containers clean by washing them frequently avoids mould, pests, and food contamination.

Throw small and medium-sized food particles in the garbage before washing utensils to avoid clogging the sink. Don’t forget to clean the bottom of UR sink too.

Clean UR refrigerator and microwave every week or on a monthly basis with a wet cloth to keep them clean, odour-free and hygienic.

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Things to remember

  • Always wash your hands whenever you are cooking or in the kitchen.
  • Avoid touching UR hair, phone or face while cooking, because this can cause unwanted bacteria and other contaminants to compromise our food.
  • Wash your dishes and cooking utensils thoroughly after every use. This helps avoid food poisoning and other tummy and health woes.
  • Throw out the trash regularly to avoid unpleasant smells, house flies and germs from lurking around in your kitchen.
  • Deep clean UR kitchen once every month to keep UR kitchen sanitised and avoid contamination of food and curb pests like cockroaches.
  • Label food items and turn UR organisation skills up-a-notch try labelling spices, grains, lentils and other food items to avoid confusion while cooking.

With these kitchen hacks and tips, you have no scope of going wrong in keeping UR kitchen spick and span. Tag our URLife and let us know about UR kitchen cleaning hacks and tips.