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5 ways to get back on track after indulging in festivities

Gayatri Chona

MSc Nutrition U.K., Specialises in nutrition for kids, teens, pregnant women & corporate diet plans

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It’s been quite an unusual year for everyone, world over. The festival of lights is for us to celebrate the victory of good over evil! While we try to make the best of the festive season, there are many reasons why we lose control and indulge. Food indulgence could be because of nostalgia, stigma in society on festive eating and our mental state – happy or sad.

Nevertheless, don’t regret indulging, know that UR body needs to recover and get back to following a healthy routine. Read on to know how you can get back on track after.

Be mindful of the food choices U make. Always choose freshly made home food, baked rather than fried and try not to purchase as much as possible from outside. Avoid choosing foods which are excessively oily and loaded with trans fats and saturated fats.
Portion control is critical. Don’t stuff yourself and avoid overfilling UR plate with unnecessary foods. Don’t be obligated to taste everything in front of U. Choose 3 things to eat and stick to it. This should be a principle to follow whenever one goes out or is playing hosting. The scrumptious spread is passe. It’s all about choosing wisely and reducing food waste. Overeating can invite and lead to a series of problems like constipation, gas, heartburn, acidity and uneasiness.

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Timings of UR meals are essential. Late-night binges can cause bloating, acidity and headaches the next day. Its always smart to eat before going out. Try eating before sunset, it can really do wonders to the body. If you feel the need to stay up late, keep aside a glass of diluted nut milk with turmeric, a tsp of honey and saffron to indulge in.

Avoid going on a detox or a crash diet immediately post diwali. During and after the festivities, some of us may feel bloated, sluggish and heavy, probably because we think that we’ve gained extra weight. To manage UR weight the right way, create a routine that you can stick to rather than going on a treacherous crash diet. Crash diets can lead to unnecessary health concerns that may put UR health at risk. Eat mindfully, keep UR portions in check, eat on time, and don’t restrict calories. Keep active throughout the day to burn those extra calories!

Be mindful of the food choices U make. Always choose freshly made home food, healthy, baked Indian meals or sweets rather than purchasing the same from stores. Avoid choosing food items which are excessively oily and loaded with trans fats and saturated fats.

Hydrate UR self. While we enjoy all the fun and frolic during the festivities, we often forget to hydrate ourselves. Alcohol contains a lot of diuretics which can dehydrate UR body. This goes for those who enjoy drinking during the festivities – not drinking sufficient water can cause dehydration. A lack of proper hydration also causes water retention, bloating, fatigue, dizziness and other discomforts. To balance the electrolytes in UR body, keep URself hydrated with water, infused water and ORS.

Avoid over-exercising. Doing this can negatively affect UR immunity and cause unwanted injuries. We tend to try and compensate any indulgence with overexercising. But we forget that after indulging in heavy and rich food our body’s immunity becomes much weaker. Also, when we restrict calories and over-exercise, we end up compromising our immunity. This can lead to workout injuries, or we may end up falling sick. If U want to get back on track, post-Diwali binge sessions, the best thing to do is to eat normally. Don’t restrict calories and don’t over-exercise. Also, ensure you sleep well and stay hydrated. Your body will get back to normal.

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Intermittent fasting & how it can help after overindulging in a festive diet

When you give UR body rest and don’t eat for 12-15 hours (intermittent fasting) it gives UR digestive system a break. It allows your digestive system time to recuperate from all the oily food you’ve eaten. You can gradually start intermittent fasting. Start with 12 hours and then slowly take it up to 14 hours. Intermittent fasting is an excellent way to give UR body and digestive system a break it needs, to process food better.

What is intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern/style, which cycles between the period of fasting and eating. This has rapidly become a phenomenon, globally among millennials, as they are always on the go. This style of fasting is less of a diet plan and more of a lifestyle choice, for many. Following an intermittent diet can help you reap incredible health benefits and lose weight simultaneously! Many research-based studies prove that it can help with weight loss, improve UR metabolic health and help you live a wholesome life if you do it right.

Things to remember when UR intermittent fasting

Avoid eating solid foods.
Sip on water, black tea or black coffee.
Don’t do intermittent fasting if UR exercising or have a hectic schedule. It may not work out for you, and you may overeat instead.
Try and make sure U eat UR dinner as early as possible in the evening. Between 7:00 – 7:30 pm is an ideal time to finish UR last meal of the day. This way UR body /digestive tract gets enough rest time before UR next meal, which should be at around 9:30 – 10:00 am.
Avoid eating very late as this compromises the gap between your two meals during intermittent fasting and cause U to overeat. Doing so can also cause headaches, mood swings, and acidity and affect UR productivity levels.

Last but not least, practice intermittent fasting the right way to avoid compromising UR health while U take care of your post-Diwali indulgence and manage UR weight effectively. Practice intermittent fasting to overcome bloating and overindulgence after festivities. Have a great time. But always remember that UR body is UR temple. Eat right and be mindful when U indulge. If you want to know more intermittent fasting, give our article on intermittent fasting a quick read!

Wish U all a very happy and healthy Diwali!