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What Does it Mean to Find Happiness?


Yogi, Spiritual Leader

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Do U know where to find happiness? Have U been pursuing it for a long-time? Happiness is more of an inward journey, rather than external achievement, goal or possession.

The moment we decide that a certain person gives us happiness, a certain memory brings us joy or the possession of wealth will give us power – we shift our power to another entity. Let’s identify some barriers that keep us from finding contentment in ourselves – it’s where our happiness originates!

What Does it Mean to Find Happiness?
Likening UR Idea of Happiness to Societal Notions

If U give the same soup-making ingredients to ten people, all ten people will not make the same soup. Similarly, all of us are made in the same way but we possess and exhibit different characteristics, altogether.

You are not obligated to respond to a situation in the way other people do. Neither, is UR happiness associated with the things or circumstances that other people associate happiness with.

U must strive to develop an attitude of pleasantness. U have to create that state of happiness within U. All of us should strive to create our own circles of joyfulness and pleasantness around us.

Eliminating the Fear of Suffering

The fear of suffering is another barrier to finding happiness. As long as U are faced with the fear of suffering, U will never be able to fully experience happiness. Most people have succumbed to the fear of suffering. No matter what UR situation – U can always choose to be positive!

UR way of being is NOT determined by UR circumstances, once U realize this there will be NO fear of suffering.

The journey to finding happiness begins inward. Be UR own source of joy.

What Does it Mean to Find Happiness?
Giving Others the Power to Make UR decisions

The power to determine UR quality of life lies with U alone. If U allow someone else to determine what happens around U or within U – you are living a life of slavery. Remember, U have given the key to UR happiness in someone else’s hands.

Life never becomes normal. If UR happiness is dependent on an external source or UR circumstances, U will never find fulfilment!

Here’s what U must do. No matter what the events around U look like – you need to remember that you have the power over UR response. UR inner state should remain unaffected. U can choose to always be UR normal self.

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Here are some tips to help U find happiness in the present moment:

Count UR blessings: The more U are grateful; the more U will attract good things to URself. Carve out some time when U wake up and ask URself what are the things U are grateful about? What are those things or events that bring U joy? What are the things or people that have added happiness to UR life? When U are grateful for these things, U experience the peace and joy that comes with reminiscing them. U become a magnet for blessings and grace.

Now is all U have: The guilt of yesterday’s mistakes and the worries of tomorrow can rob you off the present moment’s peace. Live in the moment, experience the emotions and thoughts that arise from the activity U R involved in. Not only does this bring U a sense of satisfaction, but it also keeps UR mind from wandering off to worry and stress.

Be kind to URself: Unmet goals, incomplete projects and pending chores can bring down UR self-confidence. U become UR biggest critic! And U gradually develop feelings of worthlessness and helplessness. When U expect others should show U kindness or comfort U when U are faced with an unpleasant situation, U should also be kind to URself when U are unable to fulfill tasks U had set out to do. Being harsh on URself only keeps U from enjoying life fully.

Identify UR passion: Often when we follow our passions and do the things we love, they automatically boost our zest for life. We begin to look forward to each day and there is a certain joy we radiate. This joy is infectious and inspires people around us.

Create UR own happiness, be UR own cheerleader, inspiration and motivation.

Remember, UR journey to finding happiness must take U inward, rather than outward! All the answers lie within U!