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Meditation to Release Stress & Anxiety

Divya Srinivasan

Diploma in Yoga - Madras University
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Find UR calm amidst the chaos

Stress and anxiety are a part of our everyday lives. From work-related concerns to personal life decisions, we’re surrounded by stress at almost every step of the day. But we can conquer stress if we choose to fill our day with positivity and calm. One simple act that can help us achieve this is meditation! Let’s focus on meditation for anxiety. You can overcome the symptoms and side-effects of stress and anxiety with the help of breath work.

Many thoughts run through the body and the mind causing anxiousness. Anxiety tends to overstimulate the nervous system. For this reason, it needs to be managed. Deep breathing is an ideal exercise to release anxiety through meditation. A good workout too combined with good food and nutrition helps the body and the mind to become aligned.

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Here are some Meditation Tips to Release Stress And Anxiety


Most people find it hard to keep their attention focused during meditation. If you are guilty of the same – begin by centering UR attention on a thing. This could be a pleasant memory or a divine figure to begin with. U can also focus on UR own breathing.

Relax UR breath

When U R stressed, UR breathing is irregular and fast-paced. To calm yourself down – consciously take deep breaths slowly. U can do this by breathing in for one minute, holding UR breath for about 20 seconds, and then breathing out for another one minute.

Get UR posture right

Meditation can be done in a sitting, standing, or lying down position. It depends on what works for U. But it is important to maintain the right posture. In the end, U should be comfortable doing it.

Find a place of solitude

It’s essential to be picky about where you choose to meditate. UR atmosphere has a great impact on UR ability to calm down and focus. This means U should choose a place away from the everyday noise. It could be a quiet room in UR house, a garden in the vicinity of UR home, or a hall in UR office space. Don’t forget to leave UR phone behind!

The place u meditate in matters. UR atmosphere determines UR ability to centralize UR thoughts and achieve a state of calm.

Meditation to Release Stress & Anxiety

Now that you know the elements of meditation, it’s time to draw the benefits of breath-work meditation.

Breathing is a profound activity that brings instant relaxation within minutes of practice. Here are different types of breath-work meditation that can help relieve stress and anxiety at any given time.

Breath Meditation

Breathing is a profound activity that brings relaxation and calm within minutes of practice. Here are some different breathing techniques U can try to relieve stress and anxiety:

Mantra Breathing

In this simple yet effective breathing technique, all you have to do is select a positive phrase and sync it with UR breath. For example, U can focus on the word ‘I am’ while you breathe in and the word ‘invincible’ while breathing out. This way U are calming UR mind and developing a winner attitude while doing so. U can also use a chant in place of a positive affirmation while U breathe in and out.

Mindful Breathing

Mindful breathing brings UR attention to UR breath. U can practice this kind of breathing with UR eyes partially closed. Begin UR meditation by breathing in through UR nose for 3 seconds – hold your breath for 2 seconds and exhale through UR mouth for 3 seconds.

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Square Breathing

U can practice this technique by connecting UR breath around the image of a square. Start by inhaling while counting until 4 at the top of the square. Hold UR breath until the count of 4 on the side of the square. Now exhale while covering the next side of the square and counting 4. Hold UR breath until the count of 4 while completing UR square.

4-7-8 Breathing

Are you unable to fall asleep due to worrying thoughts? Here’s a trick U can try! Inhale until the count of 4. Follow this by holding UR breath until the count of 7 and exhale until the count of 8. U will fall asleep faster than U realize!

Abdomen Breathing

U can involve UR abdomen in this breathing technique. UR focus should be on the movement of UR stomach while breathing. Begin with lying down/sitting and resting UR hand on UR abdomen. As U inhale, U will feel UR abdomen moving outward. While you breathe out, U will feel UR abdomen moving inward and pushing the air in UR body through the lungs outward.

Health Benefits of Deep Breathing:
  • Balanced blood pressure
  • Decreased heart rate
  • Reduced diabetic side-effects
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Dealing with chronic pain
  • Improves response to stress and anxiety and more
How to Stay True to Meditation

If you’ve been struggling with staying committed to a meditation routine here are some tips that may help you:

  1. Take UR time. It’s not possible to master anything in the first few trials – it takes time and patience. Be kind to URself and take time to develop the practice of meditation and master it.
  2. Start slow. Don’t go hard on URself and practice breathing for long hours. Set aside a few minutes from UR busy schedule and practice breathing to restore calmness. U can gradually increase UR time for meditation.
  3. Set goals. Goal setting gives U the impetus to keep going with whatever you have undertaken. It is a rewarding feeling. Set a time goal for meditation or gauge UR response to stress over a while. This will help U analyze UR progress and give U a feeling of accomplishment.

UR ability to manage stress lies within U. Begin UR journey to a stress-free life today!