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Meditate to develop compassion, love and humility


President - Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Spiritual Leader

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Do U sometimes feel over-excited or confused? Do U get disappointed easily? Do U suffer from anxiety and stress? It’s quite possible that most of us have experienced at least one of these conditions. Our current lives are very demanding. It requires our presence everywhere – making it easy for us to get bogged down by external and internal pressures. It’s time for a change! What you need to do is rebalance UR wellness quotient through relaxation and mind training techniques. Achieving this is possible. Becoming a better version of URself is possible too. Just head out to Kanha Shanti Vanam!

Kanha Shanti Vanam, also known as Heartfulness Center can help U stay in the present. The relaxation techniques offered at this center are widely known for their ability to increase inner happiness in a person. As the world’s largest meditation center, it invites peace seekers from all over the world to come together and meditate.

The center is situated in the lap of nature in the suburbs of Hyderabad. The ashram is known for its magnificence and design. At this ashram, tranquility is in the air! It facilitates mindfulness, spiritual training and mentoring programs to people of varying ages. You can either visit for an individual sitting or group sessions to learn meditation.

Meditation works like a serene breeze in UR cluttered life. It is an immensely refreshing practice that transforms the way U think. A change in thinking forms the first step in the ladder of life transformation. If U R someone who is looking to add more meaning to UR life or wanting to know more about URself, meditation can help!

It opens the gates of self-awareness and imbibes a purity that makes you a true, good human being. Meditation is especially helpful during current COVID times. The pandemic has upended people’s lives. While some have had major health issues, others have suffered with job losses and other problems. Meditation can help reduce the intensity of such stresses on UR health and well-being.

Begin to meditate 20 minutes in the morning, 20 minutes in the evening and 5 minutes at night. These habits form the pillars of wellness and a good life.

A seeker of well-being, Ms Upasana Kamineni, Managing Director, URLife recently visited the Heartfulness Center and participated in the group meditation activity. Since URLife has always strived to promote the causes that support well-being – a trip to the Heartfulness Center seems imperative to understand how meditation can act as a guiding light for people. While exploring the beautiful surroundings of the ashram, Ms Upasana spoke to Kamlesh D Patel, the fourth spiritual guide in the Sahaj Marg system in the Raja Yoga meditation. Fondly known as Daaji, he is an active guide for visitors at Kanha Shanti Vanam. Here are some excerpts of the candid conversation.

Ms Upasana: Why am I constantly concerned about the safety and well-being of my loved ones during COVID? How can I deal with the fear of losing them?

Daaji: Worrying is a part and parcel of our existence. Imagine, the moment the universe was created for the first time – when all the sources got separated, it had created the very first sensation of fear. It gave birth to fear of separation. Similarly, a newborn starts to cry soon after birth – due to the feeling of separation from the womb. In the same way, whenever something bad happens, a fear rushes through our minds and we start to perceive danger. The feeling of separation crops up for our loved ones, parents, children or best friends. What’s the solution? The Ramayana says if God has to give us something, it should be Abhayam—meaning fearlessness. The right understanding of Abhayam prepares U for a fearless life. U need to understand that U are not a sole individual; all beings are interconnected. There is nothing that can take U away from interconnectedness—it is called the eternity of the soul. When one personally experiences this eternity and indestructibility of the soul, fear will vanish!

Points to remember:

  • U won’t be afraid of death if you understand about the interconnectedness of life.
  • Being practical about death is important.
  • The more U worry about anything, the more will U not be helping URself or the other person.
  • Acceptance is the first step in order to change anything.
  • Learn from every situation. It is the key to progress in life.

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Ms Upasana: How can I become wealthier in life?

Daaji: Wealth encompasses an umbrella of things. It isn’t just about money. Money is important; but it is not everything. Money is necessary to buy basic things such as clothes, food, and other things. Money is also important to create a good environment at home, educate UR children and care for UR health. Sometimes, U make certain choices to fulfill UR life and those choices need money. Money is important to a certain extent. But do all these things make you wealthier? The answer is no. You need other qualities such as compassion, love and humility to enrich UR life. We need to strive for these qualities to become wealthy in the true sense!

Points to remember:

  • Being wealthy means to have a comprehensive range of factors in UR life. This includes health, money, wellness, love, compassion and humility.
  • A rich society comprises of interconnected people who can work and grow together.
Ms Upasana: What happens to us after we die?

Daaji: We all die. But what happens after our death is a long story. Depending on the state of evolution of our soul, it gains a certain level of the vibratory state. The vibrations reach out to the dimension that is a good match to those vibrations. For instance, it can be compared to clouds at different levels. We see that some clouds stay at a certain height while other clouds are higher. Likewise, depending on the purity of the soul, different heights of consciousness is reached. Should we be spending an entire lifetime to get a place up there? The attempt should not be forced. We should not worry too much about it. When life is well-learned, it reaches to whatever heights it belongs to!

Point to remember:

  • Propel URself towards utmost purity. It will help U lead a good life!
Ms Upasana: Will my life be fulfilled when a lot of people mourn my death?

Daaji: Once we are gone, we won’t be able to perceive what others are going through – in this sense, it should not matter much. But the idea of living life in a way that inspires people is a noble one. When a person dies, it’s bad if people say, ‘good riddance’! On the other hand, if people do really good things such as inspiring others, helping people and enriching their lives – when such people die, they will be mourned and people will genuinely cry.

Points to remember:

  • Whatever you get, multiply and give it back to people.
  • You can gain a pure heart one step at a time. It is not easy to attain the highest form of purity all at once. This is because old habits die hard – we get too used to them.
  • God is an experience. You can feel God every time and everywhere if you have a pure heart.

Shanti Vanam is all about helping people experience something higher than themselves. The gurus at Shanti Vanam take U through a set of purity and cleansing exercises. Once that is done, U R ready for the routine meditation technique.

Daaji advises to begin meditation in the morning for 20 minutes, practice meditation for another 20 minutes in the evening and 5 minutes at night – these habits form the pillars of wellness and a good life!