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Is Ur Mom Secure?

Upasana Kamineni Konidela

Wellbeing Curator

11 min read

It’s the day after Mother’s Day, has life gone back to normal? Mom not being respected and given the importance she deserves? I certainly hope that’s not the case. The love hangover needs to last a bit. Ever wondered about UR mom’s security? By security, we mean, does she feel safe and well taken care of. We all do love our mothers, but sometimes we need to show it practically as well.

The love, attention, care and discipline that mother’s invest in taking care of the family reflects in her health and in the health of the family. Majority of women find it challenging to follow a wellbeing routine without proper motivation.

Little things like not having a restful night’s sleep, overworking to exhaustion, trying to balance family and professional life etc. take a toll on her health. When tell-tale signs of a disease or an infection start showing up, most mothers turn to home remedies. The waiting period makes the illness even trickier to treat.

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When the woman of the family falls sick, there is chaos. A mother plays a crucial role in taking care of the family’s needs, and her requirements take a backseat. She waits to reach out to a doctor only after the pain becomes unbearable. The family members feel guilty, as they feel they ignored her symptoms. Only then does the rest of the family pitch in or hire help to keep up her daily routine.

The mental and emotional wellbeing of the family is dependent on the severity of the woman’s illness. It’s proven that the family is much more peaceful and successful when the women of the house are healthy and happy.

Basic Questions
  • Does she have direct access to UR family doctor?
  • When was the last time she did a complete health check?
  • Where and how are her previous records and reports stored?
  • Is she on regular medication? Is she taking her medicines on time?
  • Does she have enough finances or insurance to take care of her medical needs?

We all have to pay the price of healthcare if we don’t make adequate lifestyle choices early. It is best to understand the evolving world and get insurance to secure Mom’s health and finances.

Have You Checked UR Mom’s Reports?
Cholesterol & Blood Pressure screening:

If her test results are normal, the test can be repeated after a year. If significant lifestyle changes occur and the results aren’t good or borderline, it’s advised to screen more frequently. If UR mom has an existing condition like diabetes, heart disease, kidney issues or other medical conditions, she needs to be monitored more closely.

Stress has a huge correlation to elevated BP or cholesterol. Stress may be ignored by a lot of moms, but it’s something that needs to be addressed. Stress is an underlying cause for most lifestyle diseases. A good way to relieve stress is to stay active and meditate. 10k steps a day and 15 min of any kind of meditation should do the job. Please do not confuse prayer/ chanting for meditation, they are two separate activities with different healing powers.

Diabetes & Obesity Screening:

If UR mom’s BP is higher than 140/80 mm Hg or your family history suggests diabetes, you should definitely get her tested. An easy test to see if UR mom is in good shape is to give her a tight hug. If UR hands don’t go around her waist comfortably, you know she needs to lose weight. Removing processed and polished foods like white rice, maida, sugar, canned juices etc. can be the first step.

Get UR mom to meet a nutritionist and set a healthy menu for the whole family. This one-off exercise will change UR healthcare spend as well as manage UR monthly grocery expenses. There are abundant success stories of how people have controlled/ reversed diabetes by transforming their kitchens and fridges. It takes a bit of effort, every self-respecting successful adult is doing it. Keep track of Mom’s BMI and weight, it can be nagging but will pay off big time in future, i.e. if she listens. If Mom is over 20Kg above her ideal weight, there are loads of medical options available for her to get back in shape. Consult with a good gastroenterologist or obesity specialist.

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A Smile Screening:

UR mom’s smile brings u a lot of happiness, but did you know when she last enhanced her smile? Visiting UR dentist twice a year is a must for oral hygiene. Tooth issues can be very painful if ignored. For all those who just love their mom’s smile a bit too much, suggest a bit of filler/botox to boost her mood and make her feel forever young.

ENT & Chest Exam:

If Mom is dealing with diabetes or any vision issues, get an eye examination every year. Make sure she invests in a good pair of sunglasses that have UV protection and cover a large part of the face. Keeping a few pairs of reading glasses handy would make life easier for her. Sinus and snoring can be small issues that can lead to nagging headaches and loss of quality sleep. Get it checked and nip the problem in the bud. As women age, their voice also starts to change. Some women lose their voices, or it becomes more hoarse. Regular chanting and yoga can help keep their voice intact. If Mom has asthma, make sure she has a backup of inhalers at home. Sticking a glow in the dark sticker on it makes it easier to find at night. Encourage mom to stay hydrated and consume warm water with cinnamon regularly.


Get mom a flu shot every year. A tetanus-diphtheria booster once every 10 years is beneficial. Two doses of varicella vaccine is a must if she has never had chickenpox or the varicella vaccine. With the COVID-19 pandemic shocking us, it’s better to keep mom at home if she’s over 60. Get the right protocols implemented and keep masks and sanitizer handy at home. Try to maintain a very hygienic environment at home.

Woman Screening

If UR family medical history suggests breast cancer, consider yearly mammograms over the age of 35. For mom’s under 35, do regular self-breast examinations or opt for a breast ultrasound. Keep a check on mom’s skin for abnormal signs.

Pelvic Exam And Pap Smear:

These are must for mom every 3 years to check for cervical cancer. If mom’s Pap smear and HPV test are normal, she needs to repeat the test only every 5 years.

Colorectal Cancer Screening:

If mom is above 50, get a faecal occult blood test every year. For every 5yrs, get a Flexible sigmoidoscopy and a colonoscopy every 10 years.
Osteoporosis screening: If mom has a fractured bone post the age of 50, make sure to get a bone density test.


Women find it invasive to meet a gynaecologist. With age encourage UR gynaecologist to become UR mom’s best friend. Help mom to choose a gynaecologist she can confide in and trust.
Few most common issues women deal with are menstrual abnormalities, menopause, pregnancy-related problems, ovary health, vaginal discharge, itchiness, bleeding and cancer. Consult a gynaecologist and follow up with the entire course of treatment. Don’t feel shy. UR moms health is as stake. Addressing women’s issues are no more a taboo, we’re living in 2020.

The most common health-related issues women face are due to an unhealthy lifestyle. PCOD, late childbearing, fibroids, cysts, endometriosis (presence of Endometrial Tissue – the lining of the uterus, outside the uterus in the pelvic cavity), adenomyosis, pelvic infections, breast and uterus cancer in younger patients, infertility, etc. could be avoided by making minor lifestyle changes gradually.

U R in this together as a family. You can choose to bake her a cake full of sugar or teach her to start living healthy. The choice is URs. Make UR mother’s day act meaningful or else don’t do it at all.


We all have got to pay the price of healthcare if we don’t make adequate lifestyle choices early. It is best to understand the evolving world and get insurance to secure Mom’s health and finances. UR employer or external agencies offer insurance packages based on age and risk. It never hurts to be careful and indulge in research. If you are not considering insurance, then saving money for a rainy day might come in handy during a medical emergency.

How To Make UR Mom Feel Secure About Her Health

Apart from keeping up with her medical history, there are a few practical things you can set to help her.

  • Always choose to live in a locality with a nearby pharmacy and a multi-speciality hospital. Keep the numbers handy and registered on her mobile.
  • Teach parents about the technology of online consultations and emergency services.
  • Always make sure that their emergency contacts are on speed dial.
  • Know your neighbours as they can be life saviours.
  • Keeping a savings account only for a health emergency.
  • Do not miss an appointment or a screening test as prescribed.
  • If mom is bedridden, consider appointing a home care nurse with expertise.

Taking precautions earlier helps you and UR mom feel more secure. This is a relationship that will either make you feel guilty or great.

UR Mom’s Wellbeing Checklist

The time it takes: 30 min
Satisfaction: Invaluable

Basic knowledge of:

1. Name and Number of UR family doctor and her gynaecologist.
2. Date of the most recent complete health check.
3. Where and how are her previous records and reports stored?
4. Is there a list of regular medication entered on her phone calendar with timings?
5. The validity of Health Insurance.
6. Savings account details with a deposit saved for a medical emergency.
7. Are the Emergency contact detailed saved on her phone? Does she know the speed dial list?
8. Address of the nearest hospital, pharmacy & clinic.

About Her Wellness

Find answers to these questions
1. Is she active, ideally walking 10k steps a day? If not, encourage to achieve the 10k mark gradually by making daily progress.

2. Does she have any injury or pains? If yes, Have you put her in touch with a physiotherapist? If no consult a physiotherapist and get to know the actual issue.

3. Is UR mom feeling low and depressed? Does she have a mentor or trainer professional like a psychologist she can seek help from? She needs someone to express her feelings.

4. Is UR mom making the right food choices for home and her health? Get her in touch with a good nutritionist. A consultation should help her get a clearer picture.

5. Is UR mom staying hydrated? Water retention & bloating are huge problems for women. Her weight multiplied by .033 will give you the amount of water(in litres) she needs to drink every day.

6. When was the last time UR mom did something for herself? A massage etc. its time to set up relaxation time for UR mom.

7. Know where UR mom is buying supplies & produce for the house. You can recommend healthier produce vendors by doing a bit of research. Make sure it is suitable to UR budget.

8. Mom is not a glorified maid, punching bag or sole governor of the house. It has to be a collective effort. Give her the respect she deserves.

9. Height, Weight & BMR and the conditions that she might deal with, concerning age or genetics.

Mandatory Medical Checkup

1. Blood Pressure – The normal range of BP should be more than 90/60 and less than 120/80.

2. Blood Sugar – There are two types to determine blood sugar levels. While fasting, the sugar levels should be between 4.0 to 5.4 mmol/L (72 to 99 mg/dL). After eating, the sugar levels can be up to 7.8 mmol/L (140 mg/dL).

3. Cholesterol – The total cholesterol in the body should be less than 170mg/dL. In which the non-High-Density Lipoprotein should be less than 120mg/dL. Low-Density Lipoproteins should be less than 100mg/dL. High-Density Lipoprotein should be more than 45mg/dL.

4. Oxygen saturation – The oxygen saturation in the blood should always be between 95 – 100%.
5. Menopause
6. Pap smear
7. Mammogram
9. Fibroids
10. Cysts – The normal size of a cyst is up to 3 cm (a little over an inch).
11. Endometriosis (presence of Endometrial Tissue – the lining of the uterus, outside the uterus in the pelvic cavity) and adenomyosis.
12. Pelvic infections
13. Uterus cancer in young moms
14. Infertility
15. Osteoporosis screening
16. Colorectal Cancer Screening
17. Flu shot
18. Tetanus-diphtheria booster
19. Two doses of varicella vaccine
20. Vision
21. Sinus, breathing and lung function test
22. Sleep study
23. Dental appointment