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Ice Breakers At The Dinner Table

Dr Savita Date Menon

Clinical Psychologist and Wellness Specialist

4 min read

Here are 5 ice breaker questions that are perfect for family gatherings. The aim is to have light-hearted conversations and get to know each other better. Save the Drama for another time

1. What animal do you relate to and why?
Give everyone a 1 min time limit and have patience. Try not to repeat the animal in the group as much as possible.

2. What would you have done if U were bolder?
The time limit of 1 minute per person, appreciate every answer. Do not be judgemental. Show family members are in a safe environment

3. Share one thing that you wish everyone knew about you?
Give people enough time to brag about themselves but no more than 3 min per person. Try this in smaller groups.

4. If you rename yourself what name would you choose?
This is a light-hearted question to ease tense situations during family get-togethers. Answers don’t particularly have to have a reason behind them.

5. What is one special talent you would like to have and who is UR inspiration for this talent?
This is a way to help UR family members get one step closer to doing things they enjoy for themselves. It’s great to bond if UR talents align.

Enjoy family time. Take loads of pictures and create memories that will be cherished forever. For the past 7-8 weeks, we have been confined to our own homes, the world over. Many of us are lucky not to be alone. Some of us are enjoying spending time with family like never before.

While each one is busy through the day with their own tasks like you with Zoom meetings, UR spouse with Zoom parties, UR kids with online classes, elders catching up on family news, meals for one are surely together.

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Ask urself these questions:

Is it usually a TV dinner? Or do you sit at the dining table with some scope for conversation?
After the usual queries and compliments about the food, what do you all chat about?
Do you get a peek into their lives, aspirations, lonely moments? Do you share your stories with family?

Spare some time to chat with each other, get to know what everybody is thinking and what they are feeling. All you have to do every now and then is to take the initiative to set up a good meal and invite the family to join you at the table.

All you have to do every now and then is to set up a good meal and invite the family to join you at the table. And then after the usual queries and compliments about the food, chat about your lives!

Start a quiz with everyone asking one question. Keep it simple. Reward good answers through kind gestures. Non-contributors or spoilsports can be given fun but non-hurtful tasks such as clearing the table or making tea for all!

The Topics Could Be
  • Give me one song each from this famous singer.
  • Name 3 top movies in the last 2 yrs.
  • Where do you see yourself 5 yrs from now?
  • What are you afraid of?
  • If you could go anywhere you choose for a vacation, where would it be?
  • What feature do you like most in your face/your body?
  • What is your first, earliest memory? Can you remember?
  • One thing you like and don’t like in this family.
  • What are you most proud of?
  • What is the one thing you are most embarrassed about?

You could start a chat by sharing an interesting incident that happened to you. And then ask if anyone had any such anecdotes to share?

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The elders in the family could talk about why they chose the career they did? The young ones could talk about what career choices they would like to make? Two generations will laugh at or marvel at each other’s life decisions. Sit back and understand how each of their minds functions. Each question will stir up a fun debate amongst the family. Someone may argue the singer is not famous at all, while another may quote a song from a totally different singer and be adamant they are right.

Mixing fun topics will slightly more introspective ones will keep everyone listening and connected. Everyone will learn things about each other they just never knew. If you notice it is a Quiz about the family and by the family.

These chats are fun, interesting & insightful. Create an atmosphere for family members to share things about themselves they would otherwise be reserved about. A lot of information gets shared in fun and game. Make the most of this family time. Once 2021 comes around, the privilege of time will go back to becoming . . . limited.