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Heal UR Life: How Alternate Therapy Helps U Heal

Michele Paradise

Havening Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, Hypnotherapist

5 min read

In these times, when the world is at siege due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are looking for different ways to relieve stress and working towards a better life. Alternative therapy is one such method to do it.

We’re going to discuss stress, how to deal with it and the different ways to curb this menace. While on the subject, I would also like to talk about the various therapies to build relationships and boost the immune system, all in the comfort of UR home…

Losing weight is one subject that always catches our attention, especially during this quarantine period. We all fear to gain extra kilos and not looking our best before we return to work. However, that’s where we go wrong, as ‘losing’ as a term brings negative connotation with it. On the contrary, I like to call it “managing weight”. It gives you much more control over what you want to do with UR body. Visualisation is a great way to proceed with managing UR weight.

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What comes first as an alternative therapy of healing is hypnosis. It’s not just about visiting a hypnotherapist or going into a trance. People are in and out of hypnosis every day in their lives without even realising it. Patterns and habits define hypnosis in daily life. For example, if you’ve learnt driving once, you are now habituated to it. UR conscious when U R driving, but you can do multiple things during that time as well. It becomes your habit with time which is a state of hypnosis.
Weight management is emotional. You must’ve heard about emotional eating. But what is it? It is when we eat when we are emotional, overwhelmed or sad.

A diet is not going to solve the issue of managing weight because it is connected to your mind and emotions. To manage weight, it’s essential to look at food differently, change a few beliefs and understand what food means to you.

Have clarity on what you want to achieve. Hypnosis works in different ways, and it doesn’t always mean to close your eyes to get into a hypnotic state. One of the greatest hypnotherapists, Milton Ericson, never got his clients to close their eyes. He just talked and healed by getting people to talk about different perspectives.

Hypnotherapy can help you learn to cope with conflict and manage difficult emotions more easily. It can help you build confidence and ask for what you need and deserve, something which is very important in relationships. Communication is vital, and hypnotherapy may be able to help you with this aspect too.

Havening is a psycho-sensory technique which involves three pillars of healing, namely; psychology, psychopharmacology and the mind-body connection.

During this lockdown, reports have come that the divorce cases in China have gone up drastically, and I’m not surprised. Humans are not wired to be with each other for long. Sure we love relationships, but we are also wired for our own time. We love to go to work or meet friends. However, in this lockdown, living in close proximity to our loved ones might cause distress.

My advice would be to find some ‘me’ time for yourself. Take an hour every day to spend that time with no one but yourself.

The problems in relationships arise when there is lack of communication. Almost every issue is down to the lack of conversation between partners.

What we do in a relationship is that we assume we know everything about the other person and they know us. But that’s not the case. In my opinion, the longer you are together, the more you should communicate.

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Another method of alternative healing is havening, a kind of sensory therapy. When clients come to me, I take their words as symptoms of an underlying problem. As a therapist, I dig deep into their history and find the root of the problem with a technique called meta-modelling. It’s not painful or tiresome like other techniques. I talk to my clients and figure out the root of the problem, which could be childhood issues, family issues, school, bullying, peer pressure and other problems that can be the reason for their current pain. The present pain, if not dealt with, will have a massive impact on an individual’s relationship, health, wellbeing and productivity.

The most crucial relationship that you have is with yourself!

Havening is a method that helps me de-link and decode the childhood traumas of my clients, and that can help you too. It is a psycho-sensory technique which involves three pillars of healing, namely; psychology, psychopharmacology and the mind-body connection.

As a practitioner, I heal my patients by connecting their mind and body. I work by attaching their mind and body by using sensory touches.

It works by touching the face, shoulders to elbows and the hands. Let’s say UR very stressed, so you can use the affirmational havening to destress. People have different techniques when they are stressed. While some rub their temples, others put their hands on their head. Some even pull their knuckles to self-soothe.

The self-havening technique to destress
It’s an extremely effective method to destress, where you have to touch yourself with both hands crossed on your shoulder and bring them from shoulders to the wrist and talk positive things to yourself. Just say “I chose to feel healthy” or “I chose to focus on something” as you do the moves. Do it 5 to 10 minutes in a day to see the benefits. Focus on what you want and do this self-havening exercise.

Things to do to forget the trauma during the lockdown

  • Self-havening
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Listening to meditative podcasts
  • Singing/Chanting
  • Have probiotics
  • Walking in sunlight (if possible)
  • The vagus nerve technique – For this, sit straight on a chair, with your feet firmly on the ground. Now take three deep breaths. When you inhale, do it with the word calm, and when you exhale through your mouth, do it with the word stress.

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