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Heal UR Life: Energy Cleansing For A Better Tomorrow

Ranadheer Kumar

Transformational Coach and Spiritual Consultant

4 min read

Heal UR Life is all about spreading positivity through various methods. Today, I would like to talk about energy cleansing. This is about all kinds of remedies like burning bay leaves or putting lavange in your diyas. They all work wonders and you can see a difference in the environment in your homes.

Let me start by talking about one entity that has the power to cleanse us all – Sai Baba. It was in March 2020, during the lockdown, there were cases of COVID-19 all around India. And Maharashtra has been the worst affected state of India, but there is not a single case of coronavirus infection in Shirdi. It proves the dominant vibe of the place known for Sai Baba. It is a matter of faith, and if you go to him with dedication, it will never fail. The failure of COVID at Shirdi is a testimony for the world about the power of the place.

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Sai baba never asks for anything from his devotees, but only trust and devotion. We Indians believe in miracles, and I can tell you the recent event of corona-free Shirdi is a miracle in itself when the whole of Maharashtra is facing the heat of COVID-19.

It is a matter of faith, and if you go to Sai Baba with dedication, he will never fail you!

Since the lockdown has happened, we have all witnessed a lot of stress and anxiety. I would suggest you read the Sai Satcharitra or do a havan at home for mental peace. I will tell you about myself when I was recently doing the havan at my house, I could see the image of Sai Baba in the diya. If you read the book or do the havan, you will definitely see that your mind will be at peace. You will be more calming in nature.

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I know that youngsters do not believe in these things and want answers from science about everything. But if there is faith, then you don’t need science. And if you are looking for proof, then you never had any faith. However, I do have evidence about lighting a diya for peace. When we light a diya, it emits radiance, which changes the atmosphere around us for positivity. The magnetic waves that are emitted from the diya touch you, and stay with for hours. It clears the negativity around us.

How to clear the aura around you
You can just take a spoon of salt and mix it the water before taking a bath. You can also put the salt in water and immerse your feet in the bucket. Salt in the water kills the negative vibes in your body. Lighting a diya is another way to cleanse. Playing any kind of music that you like, which doesn’t have to be spiritual music, help in clearing the aura around you. Whenever you feel that you are uncomfortable at a place, or you do not like the atmosphere around you, you can do the things mentioned above. Some of the symptoms like sudden headache, sudden cramps are ways to show that there is negativity around you.

Another easy way to cleanse the energy in the house is the burning of camphor. You can take 4-5 capsules of camphor, put them in ghee or oil and burn it. What you can do for personal cleansing is that you can rotate the burning camphor around you for the number of times the day you were born. If you were born on the 15, then do 15 rounds of it and likewise!

Meditation also helps a lot in cleaning the aura around you. Wondering how to figure out the negativity in UR house? Well, just take a walk around, and if you feel any discomfort in certain parts, or if you have quarrel at a particular place in the house, then it is nothing but bad energy flowing around.

I want to add that no matter what religion you follow, it is always about bad energy vs good energy. Have faith in whatever you do in life, and you will see everything falling into place for you!

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