Green Flags: Signs of a Healthy Relationship

Adarsh Soni

5 min read

Do you feel comfortable talking to your partner about literally anything? And as the years pass by, do you, as a couple, feel less and less need to make amends? If yes, then you might have a healthy relationship on your hands.

“Whenever a couple walks in my clinic, the first question I ask them is: Do you feel secure in your relationship? Can you safely talk about anything without feeling judged?” says Dr Seema Hingorani, a Mumbai based clinical psychologist with almost two decades of experience in psychotherapy. “Transparency in communication is one of the basic building blocks of a healthy relationship. It’s an indication of a healthy relationship sign. Couples shouldn’t feel the need to hide anything from each other. From something as trivial as knowing each other’s favourite restaurant to more deep-rooted things like being aware of your partner’s desires and secrets—there’s no oversharing in close relationships, in fact, the more you know, the better it is to understand the other person,” she adds. Here, Dr Hingorani identifies some healthy relationship signs that indicate a healthy relationship and warns against the red flags that pop up along the way.

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