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Here’s how U can reprogram UR mind & body

Shammi Gupta

Yoga Acharya & Wellness Consultant
Founder - Shammi's Yogalaya

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If you’ve been struggling to get back to your normal life, post Covid-19 – you are not alone. A significant percentage of people have reported health issues after contracting COVID, including, breathlessness, cardiac issues, joint pains and memory loss. A large number of survivors have reported loss of sight and hearing as well. The disease leads to multiple serious conditions too such as fibrosis which results from damage caused by the virus on the lining of the respiratory organs. Long-lasting mental conditions such as anxiety, psychosis and insomnia have also been reported.

Fear, doubt, insecurity and stigmatization are some of the mental stress factors experienced during a pandemic such as COVID-19. Medical interventions are hindered due to these factors which serve as psychological risk factors that alter immune function. Stress regulates immune competence through immunosuppression which causes immune response dysfunction. Yoga postures and asanas are known to have a calming effect on the body. In fact, there is proof that yoga is beneficial as an additional strategy to manage certain communicable diseases such as influenza, HIV and tuberculosis.

COVID-19 may have slowed down UR zest for life but you can definitely revitalize UR mind and body through yoga! This ancient science of exercising and healing can harmonise UR body and mind, helping you connect with UR truest self. This is achieved by addressing the mental, physical emotional, psychological and psychological aspects of UR life.

Yoga brings about the harmony of body and mind, helping an individual connect with their truest self

Reduces anxiety: Anxiety is one of the most common effects of the illness. COVID has a devastating impact on physical and mental capabilities, causing fear and confusion in a patient’s mind. This results in an increased level of anxiety. Studies suggest that yoga can play a major role in reducing anxiety by moderating the stress response. Yoga helps to lower blood pressure, eases respiration and reduces the heart rate.

Cures insomnia: Many COVID patients complain of lack of sleep or improper sleep as one of the side effects of the illness. It is proven that yoga improves the quality of sleep and reduces the dependence of medication. Yoga promotes the secretion of a hormone called melatonin which regulates sleep.

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Promotes life balance: COVID disrupts the normal balance of life, making it difficult to perform everyday tasks. Yoga addresses this state by bringing a balance between UR mental and physical state through asanas, breathing techniques, meditation and more.

Improves breathing: COVID patients experience shortness of breath and have difficulty breathing due to the virus’ attack on the respiratory system. As part of the COVID rehabilitation process, health experts stress on the need for addressing breathing issues. The breathing exercises practiced during yoga helps improve not only the health but the functioning of the lungs.

Some effective yoga exercises include bharastika or the exhaling and inhaling exercise, anulom vilom pranayama, nadi shodhan pranayama, kapalbhati pranayama and savasana – the sleeping pose to relax the body and mind.