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Well-being & Harmony with Self-Love

PallaviYawalkar Desai

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Love is a lovely feeling. It is the most potent and effective force to heal people. When we think about love, we don’t typically feel self-love. But it is the most imperative form of love! Self-love refers to honouring our ethics, wishes and desires even when we have other tasks like working and taking care of others.

Self-love comes in a fantastic variety of abundant and non-toxic forms and dosages. It is self-practised but still bears the most effective healing power known to humanity. With technology pervading almost every aspect of our lives, self-love is needed more than ever. This is because we often judge self-worth based on the responses, ‘likes’ and the number of people who respond to our messages on social media. Why on earth are we ignoring the wisdom of our own heart and the potential of our own healing power? Unfortunately, self-love cannot be sold or bottled.

What is this mystical treatment? It’s called love!

“Love is our true vibration. As an influential presence of love and light, we incarnated into physical form to acknowledge life on earth. We are here to remind ourselves that true vibration is love!”

U can create wonders for UR mind, body and soul with a commitment to the practice of love and gratitude in UR life. The influence of love is such that it surrenders itself so that its existence is acknowledged.

“Love and self are one and finding it together is the awareness of both.”
Healing is more about UR mind rather than your body. Self-love is not about baths and manicures but loving UR self so much that nobody outside of you can upset the way you feel about yourself. This means that no one, nothing and no action outside of you can make U feel lonely, inadequate, hurt, mad, angry or resentful and so on.

The healing you need is within you. The feeling of love is the most awesome vibrational healer! All the answers to UR difficulties are here and now – within you. All you need to do is to hone your listening, perceiving and surrendering capabilities. Live very near to love in all UR thoughts and actions.

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Let love guide you in URLife in new ways. Find yourself moving into the healing stream of love for yourself and others as well. True love is always within you and does not depend on anyone else or circumstances. For instance, if you are willing to let go of UR illness, you have to be willing to let go of UR incorrect attitude – a disease is an expression of UR mood and the way you view things.

The moment you disconnect from UR genuine nature, you detach from your state of comfort and your body becomes diseased. Disease indicates disharmony in your thoughts and feelings. Love renews and reinstates inner harmony as every cell in the body is familiar with this natural healing state.

Self-love nourishes UR soul. Every soul is unique and beautiful! Love renews and reinstates inner harmony as every cell in the body is familiar with this natural healing state.

UR heart chakra is the energy centre connected to your capacity to give and receive love.
Suppose you have been hurt or wounded emotionally in URLife. How you manage UR heart energy will have an impact on UR experience of love, in the present day. But if you energize UR heart chakra to expand the capacity to give and receive, love will be UR gift.

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Here are a few things you should do: 

Hug URself: This is UR love and appreciation for you. It heals and activates the heart chakra. Chant or practice affirmations in front of the mirror for yourself by saying things like, ‘I love you’ or ‘I really love and appreciate myself,’ or ‘I deeply love and accept myself completely.’

Lift UR heart to the universe: Stretch UR arms widely and surrender yourself to the divine. Breathe in deeply and say to yourself silently or loudly – ‘I open my heart to the universe to receive the love of the divine.’ You can practice this when you feel you have too much of an egotistical attitude. You can even surrender yourself to your higher self, your guardian angels or guides. During practising all of this, allow the love to come through!

Hum with UR heart: Chant and sing these to URself. ‘I surrender myself to the lovely glowing light of the universe.’

Self-love nourishes UR soul. Every soul is unique and beautiful!