Things U need to do & know during floods!


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The incessant rains that have been pouring down and lashing the city causing water-logging, inundation and even death of a number of lives is extremely disturbing. The unprecedented rains this year is causing much damage and there is an urgent need to protect your home and family. Here are some safety tips to help prepare you and minimize UR risk against the destructive natural hazard of floods!

10 most important things to do during floods

1. Prepare an emergency plan and get together an emergency kit which includes first aid and important medicines.
2. Avoid low lying areas and spots like basements and underpasses. These places can be very dangerous during flash floods.

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3. Ensure your phone battery is charged and stock up on some reusable extra batteries in case of power failure.
4. Move to higher ground immediately in case of evacuation warnings and follow the signs of evacuation appropriately.

The unprecedented rains this year is causing much damage and there is an urgent need to protect UR home and family.

5. Get in all furniture (if any) that is outside and store it on upper floors.
6. If instructed, turn off the main electrical switched and make sure all electrical appliances are disconnected.

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7. Don’t venture out and walk in areas that are flooded. Something lying in the water could hurt you or you could even fall if the water is moving.

8. Don’t take your car out during the floods. In case the water is rising when you’re in your car, get out and head towards higher ground, if you can.

9. When you are wet or if you are standing in water, do not touch electrical equipment!
10. Check if your drinking water is safe to drink. It could be contaminated with bacteria. Try to boil or disinfect the water if it’s not clean.