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Tapash G

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Tapash is a 12-year-old boy with Down syndrome who lives in Hyderabad; this is his success story and relentless journey to achieve his dream goals! Tapash was born on May 3rd, 2009 in Hyderabad. His parents were so happy to see their adorable kid in their arms. But, unfortunately, he was admitted into a special care unit due to a health disorder. Later, his parents realized Tapash was born with Down syndrome — a genetic disorder causing intellectual disability. Tapash was prescribed medication and doctor’s supervision for nearly three years. Unlike other children his age, Tapash was not able to walk, talk, eat, and live a regular life – which we often take for granted. Until the age of six, he faced severe challenges to urinate and other bathroom-related issues. For this reason, neighbors didn’t allow him into their homes, or let him play with their children, and many schools refused to give him admission. Tapash struggled to understand this but eventually came to terms with it.

Instead of blaming his disability, he trained himself to adapt & understand important know how’s. He expressed his wish to walk and run like other normal kids to his mother. His perseverance & practice brought him almost on par with normal kids.

Despite life’s challenges and rejections, he switched his brain into a positive mode and began to understand his strengths. Tapash groomed himself to operate a Television and smartphones & realized his passion for dance.

To Pursue his passion, he practised dance vigorously & overcome his challenges. He immersed himself in learning dance and practicing martial arts. Tapash always wanted to prove his disability is not a disease, but just a delay in doing things the right way.

Tapash’s energy & passion for dance took everyone by surprise. He began to learn dance and other skills like any other normal child. Since then, he never looked back and performed on various occasions and stages pan India. Tapash has learned dancing, singing, and martial arts to prove his ability in spite of the disability he was born with.

Here’s a real-life story that teaches us to follow our passion & live a positive life. Tapash is our motivation to overcome any hurdle and improve our  mindset.

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Heal UR life through dance is a talent show inspired by Tapash. We hope to bring many more such positive stories to help you stay motivated during these challenging times. Tapash, a multifaceted wonder kid, explored his strengths & passion for conquering Down syndrome. Let the positivity of Tapash seep into URlife.


Since 2018, he participated in many dance shows and stood top in every competition.

Here is a sneak peek at Tapash’s achievements:

  • Mahatma Gandhi Excellence Award in Delhi dated Feb 15th, 2020 by New AD’ N’ Face certified by the registrar of Newspaper of India, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting Government of India.  
  • Won First Prize in Andhra Mahila Sabha Dance Competition held on Jan 3rd, 2019.  
  • He acted in a Short Film in which among 3500 Short Films over India, his Movie Stood top 30 in the short film festival.  
  • Received best Jury award in IISFF (Indian Inclusive Short Film Festival) Sep 5th, 2019 for his short film.  
  • Received best documentary award in Indian inclusive short film festival May 24, 2019.  
  • Received Best Child Dancer Award from Nenu Saitham Premier Awards on Feb 23rd, 2020.  
  • Received Talent Certificate Award from Bala Kala Ustav – A national Festival of Dance on Nov 12th, 2019 in Delhi. (Normal Kids Competitions)  
  • Received Pride of Hyderabad award.  
  • Signed three films and one short film.  
  • Vinaya Vidaya Rama Audio Release Dance Competitions. Dec 16th, 2018. (Won 3rd Prize in Vijayawada) (Normal college students dance competitions)  
  • Certification of Appreciation from Orphan Rights on Feb 8th, 2020.  
  • Received Prathiba Puraskar Award from Amma Foundation in the Dance Category on Dec 12th, 2019.  
  • Appreciation received from the Telangana Cultural& Living Arts Global Organization. 

“My son was born with a disability, and I want him to be differently-abled to show his strength and passion for proving “impossible is possible”.  – Mrs Bhavani  

Give me a chance; I want to grow up once again: I have been practising dance for 6 to 7 hours a day. We deserve a chance to prove ourselves, not sympathy — Tapash.


1. He won 2nd prize in running and softball competitions conducted in Bharath Special Olympics by the Ministry of Youth affairs & sports.

2. He got a place in the International wonder book of records for his non-stop 35 minutes dance program on Jun 11th 2018.

3. He got placed in Genius book of records for his non-stop 40 minutes dance program on Sep 20th 2018.


Tapash transformed his veins into strings and learned various dance forms over the last three years.

1) Western

2) Folk

3) Hip hop

4) Mass Beat

Mrs Bhavani, Tapash’s mother, was happy about his victorious journey and thought of uplifting talent in kids facing Down syndrome challenges. Back in 2018, she started “Tapash Dance Academy” to bring the talent under one roof and conducted various competitions. She got immense appreciation from other parents on the eve of “National down syndrome day.”

“We are delighted to see our son/daughter is performing like other normal kids and competing with them in all aspects”.– Parents said to Mrs.Bhavani and organizers.  

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India’s biggest virtual dance CHAMPIONSHIP “DANCE KA TASHAN” – SEASON1. Shraddha’s Tapperz Dance Skool organized them. He got selected for the first round while competing with the normal kids. It was possible because of his talent, friends and family support. Many congratulations to him, wishing him the best in his career.

Now, Tapash is practising very hard to win the national award conducting by Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (Divyangjan) FOR THE EMPOWERMENT OF PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES, 2020. It’s time to extend our support to Tapash to win this prestigious award.

Give me a chance; I want to grow up once again: I have been practicing dance for 6 to 7 hours a day. We deserve a chance to prove ourselves, not sympathy — Tapash.

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