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Tackling Mood Swings With Yoga & Mindfulness

Fareena Farid

Yogic Lifestyle Coach Manager at Himalayan Spa

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Did U ever wonder why few days are better than the other, or more straightforward, without any added pressure or stress? Our hectic schedules can sometimes get the best of us and cause us to react to the smallest of things. We all know that suppressing our feelings never helped us attain any mental or physical peace; in fact, it just makes things worse. All of which, can cause a domino effect on our mood, behavior and health. This results as an imbalance and can cause a shift which impacts our tolerance levels and stress levels. There are many ways we can tackle our unexpected mood swings and inequalities, and one such way is practicing yoga.

How Can Yoga Help?

Yoga has been primarily practiced across-the-globe for decades, and it has consistently proven to help heal any mental and physical imbalances in our body. When we hear the word yoga, we automatically think of people doing complicated poses in an exotic setting and scenery. But, guess what, there’s more to yoga than what meets the eye. One of the leading causes of having mood swings is our inability to manage the everyday stress in our lives.

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Few Ways To Tackle Mood Swings With Yoga

Here are a few ways yoga can help you tackle your mood swings anywhere, anytime:

Stay in the present: Stop stressing, or fretting about the things U can’t control. By staying in the present, U avoid extreme mood swings and stressful situations from occurring. Learn how to tackle things logically, rather than reacting emotionally. Yoga is living in the present, staying focused and listening to UR innate thoughts. If U haven’t noticed yet; a yoga session requires U to spend time with yourself, analyzing UR mind, thoughts and most importantly being in the present, rather than having your mind run wild.

Be aware of UR breath: Take a moment and concentrate on UR breath. Yoga is all about focusing on UR breath, inhaling the positive energy, and exhaling the negative energy. After all, concentration is a massive part of any form of meditation. This can be done when U R sitting at UR desk, or while U R stuck in traffic. By focusing on your breath, U cut the energy source of a stressful situation and divert UR mind. Breathing can help U more than U know; it enables U to relax, calm down and gives U a clear perspective of any situation.

No matter how busy UR schedule or lifestyle is. It is incredibly crucial that you understand how to tend to your mental and physical needs. Just like how you eat breakfast every day, you must take time out for URself to relax, enjoy and unwind UR mind.

Separate yourself from the situation and take some time out for URself and understand the core of the problem, rather than letting the case get the best of U. Remember that U are much bigger than a temporary situation, and there are many ways to resolve it without reacting. How one handles a particular situation is entirely up to them, and it might be hard at first, but one can still gain a fresh perspective and shift the mood with ease. It’s all in the mind!

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Create time for yourself: No matter how busy UR schedule or lifestyle is. It is incredibly crucial that you understand how to tend to your mental and physical needs. Just like how you eat breakfast every day, you must take time out for URself to relax, enjoy and unwind UR mind. The ideal time for practising yoga is during the morning hours, or after work. Make healthy choices for UR mental well-being, so it impacts UR mood, behavior and overall lifestyle, positively. Making time for URself could be as simple as getting a good night’s sleep, taking a digital detox or merely relaxing.

Calm the mind’s chatter: Work inwards, work backwards, whatever practice works for U individually. This can be only done by observing yourself, UR feelings and understanding what triggers U emotionally and mentally. While doing yoga, U can notice that you are strengthening the connection between your body and mind. Yoga makes U focus on controlled movements and concentrate on UR breath, which, in a way, diverts UR mind too. Another way to do this is by trying Yoga Nidra. It is effortless; all U have to do is lie down with UR back on the yoga mat, take in UR surroundings, be aware of UR breath and trust the process thoroughly. If U R unsure of practicing Yoga Nidra, follow YouTube videos and do meditation.

Be selective in whom U invite in URLife: U have every right on who you invite into your life. You are the best judge for yourself and are aware of what will assist you evolve, elevate and blossom, rather than wither. So, tread carefully as everyone isn’t on the same frequency as you, and this can create more friction and mood shifts. The one whom U allow to be a part of UR life will have the subconscious power of imparting some of their characteristics on U. Also, it is important to make sure UR surroundings compliment you as an individual and what U try to portray about URself.

Next time U feel stressed or emotionally triggered, try doing yoga and see the difference in UR mood and behavior. Be like the turtle who wins the race slow and steady. It’s not magic, but it’s a start to achieve a positive outcome.