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Sustainable & Budget-Friendly Diwali Shopping List


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Diwali is our favourite festival of the year, for so many reasons. Whether it is the fun family reunions, the rich delicacies, or simply dressing up in our festive attire, there is something about Diwali that makes us all feel happy and grateful. One thing that ushers in more than anything else during Diwali are that unmissable makeover our homes get!

It is almost a ritual in our country to give our homes a fresh coat of paint, re-do and adorn the forgotten corners of our home and spruce up all things that are boring! Diwali is also a time for friendship and love, enjoyed all over the world by Hindus to mark the beginning of the New Year.

Along with the lights, decorations, diyas, jewellery, delicacies and other festivities, gifting plays a big role in all celebrations. What about adding a sustainable touch to your décor and gifts this year? Here are a few sustainable decorations and gift options for U to add to UR cart or gift someone special this Diwali!

Air fryer

One of the healthiest ways of cooking food that is supposed to be deep-fried is by using an air fryer. An air fryer is a perfect apparatus that eliminates high-fat foods and high-calorie oils that cause unnecessary weight gain, encourage unhealthy eating practices and invite unwanted health concerns to develop over time. Air fryers make UR food crispy and delicious but without using oil.

Birdbath & bird feeder

Birdbath & bird feeder

A birdbath can help attract a large number of birds especially sparrows in UR backyard or balcony. U can fill it up with water and bird feed for the birds, and place it outside. If UR feeling creative, try to make a birdbath and feeder by Urself. Reuse or recycle old items. Doing this will help reduce waste and promote eco-friendly practices. Due to the uniqueness of the gift and UR personal touch, this gift is bound to take one by surprise!

Air purifier

We all know that there is a lot of air pollution that fills the atmosphere because of fireworks. An air purifier can do wonders in helping purify the air inside UR home. It can also help many senior citizens or individuals who suffer from asthma and breathing problems. It can get rid of dirt, dust and other pollutants that can put your respiratory health at risk and increase breathing difficulties. This Diwali, show your concern and love by gifting an air purifier to UR loved ones.

Make UR kitchenware sustainable

Make UR kitchenware sustainable

Get rid of plastic bottles, plates, cutlery, straws and other one-time use plastics that end up going into landfills or polluting the environment. Store water in glass or steel bottles, opt for steel straws and glasses they are more eco-friendly and reduce unnecessary waste. Strive to be a responsible citizen of the world and choose biodegradable kitchenware that is not harmful for the environment.

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Clay lamps

Opt for ethnic earthen clay lamps. These are reusable, eco-friendly and support local and daily wage vendors. Not only are this diyas environment-friendly, but they also leave little to zero carbon footprint behind. Decorate UR home or gift such diyas to add a warm and vibrant touch to UR home. U can make these diyas look more beautiful, by painting them in quirky colours and embellishing them with sequins etc. Give old diyas a new life!

Gift green this Diwali!

Gift green this Diwali!

One of the biggest things that get us excited for Diwali is gifts! The festival is all about buying gifts for others and receiving gifts. If U R an eco-warrior who has just ensured that everything about UR home is green this Diwali, why not think about making UR gifts sustainable and green for UR loved ones? Whether it’s potted plants, sustainably produced garments, jute accessories, or power-saving LED lights – you will be surprised by the choices U now have in stores and online! UR green Diwali cause can be easily shopped for online. This further helps reduces UR carbon footprint. You’ll even do away with waiting in lines and transport setbacks. Not to mention the convenience of shopping online.

Aroma/Essential oil diffuser

Who doesn’t like a pleasant smelling home? Aroma/essential oil diffusers purify the air and double up as a beautiful room decoration. Aroma/essential oils are known for their healing and medicinal properties. They help in relieving breathing difficulties, headaches, improve sleep, repel insects, boost UR immune system, reduce stress and anxiety, help you get rid of nausea and more! There are many uses of essential oils and people are always looking for holistic ways to get healed.

LED tea light candles

LED tea light candles

Say goodbye to the standard oil diyas and say hello to cool fresh candles. LED lights operated by batteries look very similar to their traditional counterparts. Candles made with these lights emit the actual flickering impact of a flame. Get yourself some of these wonderful ‘candles’ and gift some to UR closest friends and family members too.

One-pot dish

One-pot dish cookers are very popular and perfect for someone always on the go. You can make a variety of dishes by using a one-pot dish cooker. All U have to do is just add in the ingredients into the one-pot cooker and let the cooker run its course. One-pot dish cookers are considered as one of the healthiest and easiest ways of making a variety of dishes, especially during and after the festivities. These types of cookers utilize less oil and are great for people who are new to cooking.

Hope we’ve helped U get inspired with sustainable & budget-friendly Diwali shopping list options. Make UR Diwali memorable. Usher in light, good health and celebrate UR life this festive season!