Must-Have Beauty Essentials For UR Handbag                      

Shahnaz Husain

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If you want to look well-groomed right through the day, UR handbag is no less precious than Ali Baba’s cave! Whether you are a working woman, or you may be travelling somewhere, you cannot do without some beauty essentials in your handbag. These are very necessary to refresh yourself and “touch up” your make-up during the day. Here is a checklist.

Whether you are a working woman, or you may be travelling somewhere, you cannot do without some beauty essentials in UR handbag. These must-have are very necessary to refresh yourself and “touch up” UR makeup during the day. Here are a few must-haves you can keep in UR handbag If you want to look UR best throughout the day at work, or while running some errands.

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Cleansing pads and fragrant wet tissues are convenient for wiping oil, impurities, makeup and sweat deposits from the face. They come in handy to make UR skin look and feel fresh instantly. In fact, during the hot and humid season, a small pack of fragrant wet tissues can really do wonders for UR skin. When buying wet tissues make sure to check for the ingredients. Go for wet wipes which are free of alcohol and don’t make the skin dry. Some wipes may even sting when you use them. If they do, avoid using them on UR face. Wet tissues should not be intensely perfumed, always look for one with a mild fragrance.

A sunscreen is a must-have and essential all-year-round. Ageing of the skin is directly related to the amount of sun exposure you get throughout UR life, not to mention, the development of skin cancers. Use an SPF sunscreen not only on UR face, but also on UR neck and the back of UR hands. These are the areas that show skin ageing such as pigmented spots and wrinkling too.

Carry UR sunscreen in your handbag. Most sunscreens have built-in moisturizers. After cleansing with wet tissues to refresh your face, apply sunscreen lotion. It is better to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen, as it protects from both UV-A and UV-B rays. A sunscreen with SPF 15 to 20 is adequate for most skin types, but if you have sensitive skin and it tends to burn quickly, then try using a sunscreen with a higher SPF of 30 or 40. Some skin types may also develop a rash or redness due to sun exposure. This can also be due to sun-sensitivity, such skin type may require a higher SPF sunscreen. Carrying your sunscreen in the handbag is a good idea. If you are out in the sun for long, reapply the sunscreen. In case you need to go out during the day, applying sunscreen 20 minutes before stepping out can help in protecting UR skin.

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One of the most essential items for UR handbag is a compact powder. As you know, a powder compact contains pressed powder. It is very useful for touching up foundation, or removes any oiliness. Pressed powder or compact powder is usually thicker than loose powder and more reliable. Pressed powders are also available in different shades. Beige shades go well with most Indian skin tones. Some shades of peach may also look good. For a more yellowish skin tone, avoid using pink shades. For very fair skin, pink tints are more suitable.

Lipstick is, of course, a must. Lipstick is one makeup item that is said to lift the spirits and mood. It needs touching up after lunch and even after a cup of coffee. First, wipe the lipstick off with a tissue. Then apply powder on the lips and reapply your lipstick. You can even get yourself a lipstick case holder for UR handbag. This helps to keep your bag free from lipstick stains, in case the lipstick opens in the purse. Talking of touch-ups like lipstick and powder, there are some absolute essentials that you need to keep in your handbag. One of these is a small mirror. Powder compacts with mirrors are most handy. You can even get one with two mirrors, a magnified mirror and a regular one, to provide you a close-up of UR skin. This really helps in getting a flawless touch-up! Another essential beauty essential that is a “must” is a hairbrush or a comb. If you can find a folding brush, comb and mirror set, that does the job too.

Carry a small bottle of spray or perfume to feel refreshed throughout the day. Fragrances are used widely in skincare products, many women and men pick also zero-in products with their fragrances too. Fragrances act as the icing on the cake – whether it is femininity, sensuality or individuality. You can also add UR personal touch and include more handbag essentials, depending on UR specific needs.