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How life would C.H.A.N.G.E for youngsters post the quarantine period?

Dr. Rithvik Ryaka

International Business & Life Coach, Celebrity Wellness Mentor, Inspirer and Trainer

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Here are the six ways to take care of your Career & Finances from today!

C: Change in Job?

First and foremost, if you are employed as of now, try to get assurance from your employer that your current job is safe. This is important as the employer may also consider changes in the approach to the changing scenario. You need to be performing at your best than ever before, to be considered by the employer as of now, to stay on the job. This is crucial because you do not know when the employer might consider the removal of staff later.

H: Hustle your time to learn

If you are in college, you might be attending online lectures which are mandatory to cover the syllabi. What other webinars/lectures have you considered these days to study non-academic? There is ample time to consider a few things like Communication skills which will benefit you in the longer run. A sufficient number of platforms offer free courses online. Do check them out with the help of your mentors in college.

A: Accept the reality of the world

There might be a lot of initiatives by the Government outside your home, city and even the country. Remember that these are not in your control. You cannot consider doing something against the law, which might have been allowed earlier before the lockdown. It is better to cut down unnecessary expenses for the next few months.

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N: Not to accept rumours on social media

This is a critical point to be understood. Do not follow the steps above with the opinions directly seen on social media. Every country has different scenarios as per their laws. Do not fall prey to few posts from unverified sources. At the same time, you should also not share any information if you are not sure about its origin. This is important because decisions related to finance and career should happen through sustainable ideas with mentoring from elders.

G: Go online to learn and earn!

This is the best time to learn a new skill and master it without spending much money. Remember that it is just not a resume-building activity. You should engage with it actively for its knowledge and not the certificate which is awarded later. You might even re-join a few courses you had left earlier due to lack of time or any other reason. You can freelance and earn with this skill, even post lockdown.

Majority of youngsters have been pondering over the uncertainty because of the lockdown. In these times, youngsters should reach out to elders who can help them to learn new skills.

E: Exercise out of the comfort zone!

Do not neglect your health by getting tensed about the uncertain future! Remember that you are giving your best. You cannot do complete justice to your mind if you are ignoring your body. Do not expose your eyes to extreme screen time on laptops or mobiles. Stick to a proper routine to manage time as you may also need to assist family members for various errands during this tough time.
Majority of youngsters have been pondering over the uncertainty because of the lockdown. The primary point to be addressed is that her professional life includes one’s own choices, but this is the crucial time to depend on your top skills than the passion for being realistic. Youngsters should reach out to elders who can help them to learn new skills. Whatever happens or is bound to happen, keep learning and updating yourself and also keep your family informed about your approach towards career and finance. Keep the hope alive and accept the CHANGE. Everything is possible with heart!

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