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Skin Care Under The Mask

Dr. Rashmi Shetty

Celebrity Dermatologist, International Faculty, Expert in Aesthetics

3 min read

Many activities in our daily lives have been affected by the ongoing coronavirus crisis. As we now take steps to ease out of the lockdown, we should be mindful of wearing a mask for our safety. This mask can play a huge part in avoidable unhygienic skin practices. Knowing UR skin type and what works for UR skin is a primary part of skincare.

The most significant change in our new norm is wearing a face mask at all times while being outdoors. Although the mask protects you from COVID carriers or contaminated areas, a lot could be brewing under UR shield. While wearing a cloth-covered face may come nowhere close to the level of discomfort experienced by the frontline workers, for some, having to wear a mask can result in flare-ups and aggravate pre-existing skin conditions. Wearing a mask is not a choice, it’s a necessity. Remember this mask can cause damage to UR skin if you don’t take proper care.

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