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Know What UR Gut Says About UR Skin Health

Dr. Rashmi Shetty

Celebrity Dermatologist, International Faculty, Expert in Aesthetics

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During this pandemic, we know that the virus does not just affect the lungs, but it can also compromise other organs by its blood clotting mechanism. This can compromise the blood supply to UR organs and cause a series of health concerns. Therefore, compromising the blood supply to UR organs which can also affect UR skin’s health.

It’s no surprise that our skin health indicates our overall health and that’s quite evident. After all, you are what you eat, and UR skin shows it all. Just like when you feel sick and you start to notice your skin looks a bit pale and dull.

In the hope of nipping the COVID symptoms at the bud, even if we are sneezing twice back to back, we are loading up on antibiotics, antifungal or anti-mite medication to suppress the symptoms without even thinking. This unnecessary dosage of antibiotics ends up killing or weakening healthy gut bacteria. This is exactly how our gut can also influence our overall skin health.

What You Can Do
1.Eat wholesome meals

By eating nutritious meals, you provide UR skin with essential nutrients it requires to stay healthy and radiant. Stick to prebiotics, dahi and a detox diet could be UR mantra to great skin and hair!

2.Maintain a regular sleep cycle

Keeping UR sleep cycle in check will help UR body repair any skin cell damage and reduce puffiness, paleness and give UR skin the glow you always wanted. Being in-sync with UR circadian rhythm helps UR body release essential hormones on time. It is also said that sleeping early can help with nutrient absorption, which is key to overall health.

3.Keeping UR stress levels in check

COVID-19 has been challenging and stressful to all of us globally. Watching the news, reading messages and following the current event unfolding can really take a toll on UR mental and physical health. Stress can cause a series of concerns starting from skin concerns to anxiety. It is best to always take things in stride, stay strong mentally, physically and emotionally. When we have our mind, body and nutrition in check nothing can affect our health.

4.Hydrate yourself

Drinking water clears UR skin by flushing out toxins from the body. Drinking water improves oxygen in the blood, improves blood flow and helps UR skin glow.

5.Don’t self medicate

Consult a certified medical professional for a check-up first before buying any medicines. Try to talk to UR dermatologist before you change anything in UR skin regime. Even though some dermat clinics are not functioning, you can still reach them virtually. Try and avoid missing any of UR monthly appointments to keep UR skin healthy.

The good bacteria

The microbes present on our skin aid in good health and can also cause harm when we fail to look after our skin. Hence, skin hygiene is often recommended by dermatologists. Now how is it related to UR gut you may ask? Studies have shown that bioactive chemicals like SCFAs (Short-chain fatty acids), hormones or neurotransmitters released by the gut reach the skin receptors and alter the skin. Every nutrient released by the intestine has a high chance of affecting UR skin health. This is one of the reasons that eating probiotics like curd or kimchi gives you glowing skin as they are perfect for your gut health. 

In medical research terms, this relationship is known as the skin-gut axis. Skin-Gut Axis is the relationship between living intestinal bacteria (the gut microbiota) and their possible role in skin disease pathogenesis. Small studies have indicated structural improvements in the gut microbiota in patients with other dermatological conditions. Interestingly, studies have also suggested that probiotics could play a role in Atopic Dermatitis treatment. However, the idea of the “skin-gut axis” is a newly emerging and significant avenue, which still lacks much evidence.

Benefits of skin microbiome/ skin flora
1. Reduces inflammation

Skin inflammations can cause a lot of skin concerns like; rashes, red skin, pimples, blisters, acne and more. Our skin flora helps regulate our skin’s Ph levels and fight off any skin inflammation.

2. Controls acne breakout

Acne breakout is a problem as old as time. If we maintain skin hygiene, the skin microbiome helps control acne breakout easily by reducing inflammation and fighting off environmental factors causing acne.

3. Protects us from external allergens

Skin microbiomes act as a barrier to some allergens and environmental toxins that are present almost everywhere.

If you want to keep UR skin healthy it is essential to be mindful of UR gut health as well! Making progressive changes can help enhance not just UR skin but UR health as well.

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