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Are UR Current Problems Connected To A Previous Life?

Rajashekar Potluri

B.Tech Hons, Electrical Engineer, IIT, Regression & Reincarnation Research & Managing Trustee of Life Foundation & Proposed Quantum, Co founder of Life Research Academy

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Dormant memories from a previous lifetime can adversely affect our present life in various ways. There are also certain things we may experience in our daily life that may have a deeper meaning or explanation. Many of us are fascinated by paranormal, clairvoyant phenomenon and also the concept of Déjà vu, which interestingly means, ‘you’ve lived through the present circumstances before.’ Let’s say there’s an alternate reality where time is infinite and the past, present and the future can coexist in one moment and UR present life may be one of the specks of what makes UR soul and its identity a whole!

Sometimes, certain ailments cannot be cured by medical science. In such a scenario, therapists claim that past life regression therapy (PLRT) can help you get over certain physical, emotional and mental ailments that may be causing you distress. This is because it is believed that suppressed or dormant memories can sometimes get manifested in physical or psychological problems. Moreover, a past life imprint can show itself as an illness, pain or disease, all of which can hold you back from reaching your full potential.

What is past life regression?
Past life regression therapy taps into our subconscious mind to relive what practitioners believe to be memories of our past lives or incarnations. Time and space cease to exist when we begin to explore different dimensions in altered states of consciousness and unveil the previous chapters of our life. Alternatively, we see several layers of truth where all representations of our past lives exist concurrently. So while our souls are reincarnated many times, we end up carrying forward our regrets, fears or unsolved issues from our past lives into our present life.

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You may be surprised to know that your soul may have been reincarnated several times! Many past life regression sessions have even astonished the practitioner and the soul-searcher with the accurate details presented during a session. This could mean that the reason behind your fears or ‘strange feelings’ may be as old as time! People all over the world have been trying regression therapy to find the root cause of their unexplained phobias, pains, unresolved feelings or to connect with a departed loved one. But only after making that connection and finding the root cause of a persistent issue can individuals get cured and balance their karma. Past regression therapy has helped many relive and resolve some of their innermost thoughts that they may have carried over from their previous lives.

The root cause of a specific phobia or a suppressed feeling has helped many heal and overcome their fears

Connecting with the spirit world
It is frequently observed that our feelings are often more intensified when we lose a loved one from the physical realm. So if you’ve lost a loved one and feel that they are watching over you, it may be because they actually are! Spooked? Don’t be. Experts feel we don’t have any reason to fear because at times, a departed soul just wants to connect with a loved one and may also utilise physical mediums to do so. These encounters can offer individuals the much-needed reassurance and closure they may be seeking after the death of their loved ones.

In some instances, spirits find objects, memories or some thread when they are trying to communicate with us. Additionally, when we are soul-searching, we open a channel of communication which helps us reveal parts of our previous lives. But just as science hasn’t come close to fully explaining the remarkable workings of the human psyche and psychic phenomena, similarly past regression therapy doesn’t offer what would be universally accepted as scientific proof to back up its assertions. However, regression therapy has undoubtedly proven to help many people find their life’s purpose and in some cases also assist them in reconnecting with their lost loved ones.

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Heal UR Life
After losing a loved one, reconnecting with them via past life regression has provided many people with emotional healing. Fascinatingly, eighty per cent of people who’ve tried past life regression therapy have found their peace. Furthermore, it’s definitely comforting to know that our loved ones never really die but are actually around (though not physically) and we can communicate with them by using the right medium. According to experts, when a person dies, the soul which is immortal moves on in its journey as it is ever evolving and in the process of discovering itself. We need to respect this.

Cause & Effect
Everything is connected and happens for a reason. Unveiling the root cause of a specific phobia or a suppressed feeling has helped many heal and overcome their fears. So if UR suffering from something that science cannot explain, try past life regression therapy to bring about harmony in UR life. Remember, UR present life can also influence UR past life or other life for precisely the same reason. This is why we always need to be mindful of the choices we make.