Psychological First Aid

Michele Paradise

Havening Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, Hypnotherapist

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Have U ever undergone an experience that is painful and upsetting? Most of us go through such situations when a negative stimulus enters our brain and causes anxiety and stress. Is there a way to reduce such distress? Can U do something to weaken such feelings? Havening is the answer.

Havening is a psychosensory therapy that can treat a person suffering from anxiety, stress, phobia, and post-traumatic stress.

Psychological First Aid Post COVID-19

It involves using gentle touch on forehead, palms, and upper arms to generate a braindelta wave. This wave interacts with certain elements of amygdala(the threat detection part of the brain)to reduce the intensity of negative stimuli.

Havening allows to regulate the emotions. It can cut down the painful memories and propagate relaxation. This therapy can be either performed by a certified professional or, can be done on your own.

The Science Behind the Havening Technique

Human beings often come across the first-person trauma, second person trauma or the third person trauma. The trauma enters through the brain stem and first hits the reptilian brain. This is where the autonomous nervous system resides. Resultantly, we feel a panic attack, breathlessness, and other symptoms.

The trauma also affects amygdala and makes the pre-frontal cortex go offline. When the pre-frontal cortex goes offline, one cannot make clear decisions. Havening helps to bring the pre-frontal cortex back online. It also boosts the production of serotonin, dopamine and other lovely hormones. Haveningdownsizes other stress hormones like cortisol to promote relaxation. Resultant, one begins to feel calm again.

‘Havening’ touch can help U to stay mentally grounded during COVID crisis.

Psychological First Aid Post COVID-19
3 Easy Ways to Perform Havening

Are u wondering how to begin the alternative therapy? Shed UR worries. Here are some easy ones to start with!

Therapy 1
  • Cross UR hands.
  • Gently touch UR arms–from shoulder to elbow. Be soft in UR movement.
  • You can hum a particular statement such ‘I am calm’, ‘I am relaxed’ or anything that U want to achieve while performing the havening touch.

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Therapy 2
  • Use UR fingers of the palm and touch UR forehead & cheeks gently in a repetitive motion.
  • U can repeat this for as long as U like.
  • Along with this, hum a statement of UR choice to feel relaxed.
Therapy 3
  • Wipe UR palms against each surface softly.
  • U can repeat this for as long as U like.
  • Along with this, hum a statement of UR choice to feel relaxed.

The word ‘haven’ in ‘havening’ means safe place. Havening enables you to be in a safe place through the download of negative waves. It helps U to chill without the pill. Use this technique anytime-and-anywhere to calm yourself down.