5 things U can do to make a positive impact in URLife!


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Connect with 5 people and let them know how much u appreciate them.

Strong relationships are essential in all aspects of life. It not only helps with boosting health and happiness but mental well-being and the way we perform at work too. At times we forget to tell the ones we love how much we appreciate them. As festivities are around the corner, it’s a good time to catch up with old friends, family members and relatives. This is an ideal time to share UR happiness and to spread cheer. When we form connections, it helps to lower our stress levels and keeps our mind engaged. It boosts collaboration and creativity! Let people know that they matter to you and that they make a difference in your life – it’s the best way to maintain your relationships and build new meaningful ones.

Donate 5 things from ur house that u haven’t touched in a year.

The festive season is a good time to start giving and blessing others around you. Donating things can make you feel content and has a lot of health benefits. When you give things to people, you will experience a sense of joy and happiness. There is something known as the ‘giver’s glow’ which means it’s always better to give than to receive something. Have you been hoarding stuff in your home which is of no use to you? Now is the best time to give them away! Doing this will make you feel good about yourself; it’ll also make others around you feel good! Focus on others and in the bargain you’ll learn more about yourself. When you do something to benefit others, it will circle back and benefit you!

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Check ur weight pre-Diwali and make sure ur back on track a week post the indulgence. Be aware of what u eat!

Try to keep you weight in check during the festivities and think before you begin to indulge. Start with recording your weight before Diwali so that you have a reference point. Remember, once the Diwali merriment is over, you may just feel flat and fat too! But you needn’t worry because you can soon recover from your indulgences and it’s possible to get back in shape! There are many ways to avoid putting on, even more calories, which you may have piled on during Diwali.

Firstly, try to walk away from leftover festive foods and delicacies that are offered to you few days after Diwali. Secondly, skip the extra coffees with sugar and snacks that you generally consume. By doing this you will be avoiding additional calories. Dance at every opportunity you get at home and during family gatherings. It will help melt away the extra fat and will also help you to fit into your clothes better. Introduce some small dietary changes in UR life to get back on track and to feel healthier.

  • Hydrate yourself to get toxins out of UR system. Sip on green tea, coconut water and water. You can also add lemon, mint, apple slices or cinnamon to your water.
  • Eat only natural foods and increase your intake of fibre. Opt for wholegrain atta, jaggery and brown rice over refined flour, sugary foods and packaged items.
  • Include more of fruits and vegetables in your diet to regain the lost minerals and vitamins. Have these in the form of soups or smoothies.
  • Eat something every two hours and don’t stay hungry for long.
  • Avoid fried foods and opt for baked snacks instead. You can also consider cooking with small amounts of desi ghee instead of oil.

When UR focus is on things you cannot afford but still want, you tend to overlook what you have and take it for granted. Take time to think about your blessings and what U R fortunate to have. This festive season when U pray, ask Lakshmi Devi to grant you ‘Lakshmi’ and not money. Lakshmi is wealth that is earned and which brings happiness and peace.

Recycle flowers, candles, diyas’ oils etc. and choose sustainable materials for decoration.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money for your home to look festive and inviting. Your home can be easily decorated by using recycled diyas, flowers and candles. Flex UR creative muscle and create unique decorations of old items for an awesome Diwali décor experience. Some of the DIY décor ideas are very easy and fun to create.

Let your imagination run wild and use sparkling lights and dazzling colours to generate a welcoming and aesthetic appeal to your home. Spruce up your home with hanging lights, candles and flowers. You can definitely use the ones you used the previous year. Mix and match and add your own quirky addition to bring about an exclusive look. Here are a few ideas:

  • Make simple décor items from leftover fabric. These could be either cushions or some other decorative pieces.
  • Place flowers, diyas and fairy lights in a used glass utensil for a fragrant centerpiece.
  • Give your pooja thali a makeover with beautiful exotic flowers. Choose ribbons or pieces of velvet to make small flowers and glue them on around the thali.
  • If you have empty mason jars – color them with nail polish and place big scented candles on them to amplify the Diwali magic!
  • Take used diyas or antique bottles and place a single flower along with the stem inside them. Cut and resize the stems to fit well. These will look adorable when placed on the table.

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Analyze ur expenses, wants vs. needs and ask Maa Lakshmi Devi to bless u with wealth, valuables and experiences that u can value. Redefine ur meaning of wealth.

It’s a balancing act to build a budget that manages to maintain equilibrium between UR wants and needs. It may seem simple to distinguish between needs and wants but in reality it’s tricky to differentiate between the two. Lines begin to blur when U R not able to pin down all other things that are not imperative for survival like adequate food to eat and water to drink, clothes to wear and a place to live in. Many of the things we purchase are personal choices and not something we always think about objectively. You can label your priorities into high priority needs and low priority needs. You can then make your purchasing decisions based on what’s most important.

When UR focus is on things you cannot afford but still want, you tend to overlook what you have and take it for granted. Take time to think about your blessings and what U R fortunate to have. This festive season when U pray, ask Lakshmi Devi to grant you ‘Lakshmi’ and not money. Lakshmi is wealth that is earned and which brings happiness and peace.

Along with the gold coins that surround Goddess Lakshmi, spiritual well-being is implied by the lotus that is held in her hands. Meaning, without peace and emotional fulfillment there is no meaning of money. It is just a tool to get financial freedom. But true ‘wealth’ will help you live a happy and fulfilling life!