10 Ways You Can Care For Yourself & UR Furry Friends Health & Hygiene

Upasana Kamineni Konidela

Wellbeing Curator

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Pets are not just companions, but are also our saving grace, especially during COVID-19. Many autistic kids, senior citizens, cancer patients or visually challenged people take the help of service dogs to get through daily life. Dogs have been known to help and heal people with their gentle touch and calming presence. Even though they can’t speak or express themselves, they know how to put a smile on UR face by showing their unconditional love, which can leave a lasting impression on a stranger too.

Keeping that in mind, it is even more critical for us to imply the same healthy choices and hygiene practices for our pets, as we do for ourselves. Yes, it does take a bit of work, but we bet it wouldn’t be so hard once you look into UR furry friend’s eyes! That being said, here are a few tips that can help you keep UR furry companions well-groomed and free from any health concerns.

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Ensure Timely Vaccinations & Vet Visits

Immunizations are a basic necessity for humans and pets too. Timely vaccinations help avoid unwanted and harmful diseases from affecting UR pet’s health. Vaccines not only keep UR pets safe but also UR family and most importantly kids too. The best way to keep UR furry family member healthy in the long run is entirely dependent on how well you take care of them every day, which includes timely vaccinations as suggested by the veterinarian. It is highly recommended to get UR pet immunized as unvaccinated pets can pose a risk to UR health and UR kid’s health too. As much as you are dedicated to taking care of UR pet’s health, make sure you do the same for yours by opting for full body checks and annual health checks.

Avoid Ticks & Fleas

Avoid Ticks & Fleas

Brushing UR pet’s fur regularly avoids any fleas, ticks and other irritants from damaging their skin, fur and health. These pests are known to cause skin allergies and affect UR pet’s health. One of the first changes which occur when UR pet is unhealthy are irregularities in their fur, like shedding, and eventually balding in the irritated areas/regions. UR pet’s fur coat also goes through changes when UR pet’s health is impacted in any way, making it highly imperative for you to groom them frequently. Taking the time to brush UR pet’s hair will also cut down the extra hairballs, remove ticks and fleas from affecting their majestic fur coat. This also shows UR pet that you care about their health, comfort and well-being too.

Find Suitable Products

Asking UR vet to recommend safe products and food items is one of the most important things. Being aware of what suits UR furry friend eliminates unnecessary purchases, and can avoid any possible side effects. With the boom of natural products and other organic concoctions in the market, now you can easily choose from a variety of products made specifically for UR pets. Most importantly, avoid using random products, as they can expose you and UR pets to harmful chemicals and toxins, which can directly impact UR health and theirsIt is always best to consult and ask UR veterinarian on how you can also meet UR pet’s nutritional needs.


Did you know that interacting with animals has shown to decrease cortisol (a stress-related hormone) and lower UR blood pressure? Many studies have shown that animals can reduce isolation, improve social support feelings and uplift UR mood.

Meet Their Nutritional Needs

Meet Their Nutritional Needs

Just like you, UR pets can only reach their prime when their diet has equal proportions of proteins, good fats, healthy oils, vitamins and minerals.

In simpler words, it’s best to choose fresh, seasonal and real foods to avoid buying processed food products. The same rules apply to UR pet’s food and treats.

Calorie Intake for Cats & Dogs

For example:

A 4.5kg cat needs only 200 calories a day

A 23 kg dog needs 700 to 900 calories.

Larger dogs may eat up to 1,350 calories

Proteins-rich foods are usually preferred by dogs. And cats are basically hunters, so they’re natural carnivores.But, some cats do prefer drinking milk or eating fish. Protein is important for cell growth, muscle repair, and general body maintenance.

Animal-based proteins pets need

  • Arginine
  • Methionine
  • Histidine
  • Phenylalanine
  • Isoleucine
  • Threonine
  • Leucine
  • Tryptophan
  • Lysine
  • Valine
  • Taurine

Fat & Energy

Dietary fats are derived from animal fats or vegetable seed oils. They’re the main source of nutrients in UR pet’s diet. Fats contain more than twice the amount of calories/energy per gram, when compared to proteins or carbohydrates.

Fat and energy provide UR pet with essential fatty acids that are required by both dogs or cats. 

Fatty acids, such as omega-3s, are required to:

Carbohydrates provide energy, help balance digestive health and also affect their reproduction. Fiber is a type of carbohydrate that affects the bacteria in UR pet’s gut.

Vitamins Food Source
Vitamin A Carrots, spinach, liver, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, fish oil and eggs
Vitamin D Fish oil, fatty fish, egg yolks, dairy products, liver and cottage cheese
Vitamin E Plant oils, leafy green vegetables, seeds, wheat germ, bran, whole grains and liver
Vitamin K Liver, leafy green vegetables, milk, cabbage and fish
Vitamin C Fruits, vegetables and organ meats
Vitamin B Whole grains, nutritional or brewers yeast, liver, beans, green vegetables, spirulina, nuts and dairy products


Macrominerals Food Source
Calcium Milk, yogurt, tofu, sardines with bones, raw bones, bok choy, green beans, broccolii and cauliflower
Phosphorous All animal tissues, eggs, fish and milk
Magnesium Spinach, broccoli, green beans, tofu, tomato juice, beans, whole grains and seafood
Sodium and
Fruits, vegetables, milk and grain


Microminerals Food Source
Zinc Spinach, broccoli, yogurt, beef, poultry, whole grains, and vegetables
Sulfur All protein foods (meats, fish, poultry, eggs, legumes and milk)
Iron Red meats, fish, poultry, shellfish, eggs and legumes
Iodine Iodized salt, seafood and dairy products
Selenium Seafood, meat, whole grains, brown rice and vegetables
Cooper Seafood, nuts, whole grains, seeds and legumes
Manganese Nuts, whole grains and leafy vegetables
Chromium Lean meat, vegetable oils and brewers yeast
Cobalt Liver, kidney, fruits and vegetables
Fluorine Available in water
Molybdenum Legumes, cereals and organ meats
Silicon Cereals, vegetables, beans and peas



Even our pet needs access to fresh and clean water at all times to keep themselves hydrated. Cats and dogs have varying degrees of thirst. It is best to ask the vet how much water UR pet may require in a day. 

Foods That Aren’t Safe For Ur  Pets

  • Sugar
  • Onion and garlic
  • Raw meat if UR pet isn’t eating a raw meat diet 
  • Xylitol found in candy and artificial sweeteners
  • Alcohol

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Pamper UR Pet

Taking UR pets out to visit the dog park, a small road trip or simply giving them a shower can make UR furry friend happy! Talking about pampering, just like how we need to take a shower every day, it is equally essential for our pets to take one too. Not regularly, but once a week during summer and once in two weeks during winter and monsoon should do the job! It also depends on how naughty UR pet is and if they like to have some fun outdoors. Bathing UR pet keeps their coat clean, skin healthy, free from any infections and ticks. Let’s not forget that bathing also makes UR pet smell great, refreshed and this also shows that you care about UR pet’s overall hygiene. Surprisingly bathing them also helps avoid any potential skin rashes which can affect you or UR family members. There are many states in India that have opened up exclusive pet spas, resorts, cafes and hotel services, only for pets. Many celebrities and pet parents treat their precious four-pawed friends to a day at the spa, hotel or design customised clothes just to make their fur friend feel special.

Brush Their Teeth

Brush Their Teeth

Brushing UR pet’s teeth may not be easy, but it is a must. Just like how keeping our teeth clean is crucial for our health. Oral hygiene plays a vital role in maintaining UR overall health, heart health and more. Being proactive about UR pet’s dental hygiene can be very beneficial to their health too, as it removes plaque and tartar, avoids bad odour, tooth decay, removes food particles and also avoids any infections in their gums and teeth. If UR pet’s dental hygiene is neglected, over a period of time absorb into UR pet’s bloodstream and can damage their kidneys, heart and liver, which can be detrimental to UR pet’s livelihood.

Clip & Clean Their Nails

Trimming your pet’s nails reduces any risks of them scratching themselves, you or any other animals too. Scratches from unclipped nails can cause various infections, which can start as small and eventually become serious if it is neglected over time. Whether you have a cat or dog, dirt and other particles can collect under their nails, and can pose as a threat due to the nails being dirty, filled with germs, dirt and debris. All of which, are breeding grounds for infections to and compromise not just UR pet’s health but yours too. To make this task easier, a viral trend on TikTok and other social media apps show how you can cut UR pet’s nails without a sweat. All you need to do is spread peanut butter on a cling wrap and wrap it around UR forehead, while UR pet is licking the unsweetened peanut butter, you can clean and clip their nails.

Keep Their Eyes & Ears Clean

Keep Their Eyes & Ears Clean

Cleaning UR pet’s eyes and ears avoids any crusty build-up in the corner of their eyes and inside their ears. Keeping their eyes and ears spick and span will avoid unnecessary infections from festering. Any mucus build-up around the eyes should be wiped with a clean, soft and damp cloth to prevent hurting their eyes. Ears can be gently cleaned with cotton swabs or tissue, but it is best to be extremely careful while doing so.

Clean Their Bed

Bedding is an essential element for UR pet; they spend a reasonable amount of time in their bed, which makes it imperative for you to keep their bed and surroundings pristine. Keeping UR pet’s surroundings and bedding clean eliminates any bacteria, dirt, debris and other allergens that UR pet may unknowingly bring into UR house. Vacuuming the area clean and washing their bedding will avoid any allergy from harming not just UR pet but UR family members too. Keeping our bedding clean is also essential for our health, disposing of old rugs, pillows and bedsheets can avoid unwanted allergies, skin rashes and much more.