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Heal UR life through dance


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Dance is the hidden language of soul. When the feet moves, hand waves, the heart rejoices! People—nevertheless of any age—enjoy this ultimate form of universal expression to heal themselves, harness unity, enjoy the art and relax the minds. To bring the focus and attention of dance towards its healing power, URLife in collaboration with Mana Ooru Mana Badyatha (Surya Kala Moturi’s community welfare platform), is all set to come together to give recognition to India’s most gifted dancers through digital talent show, Heal URlife through Dance.

‘Heal UR life through Dance’ features famous personalities from the world of dance entertainment, Ram Charan, Farah Khan and Prabhudeva. This para dance talent competition is a nation-wide online talent show for the mentally and physically specially abled. The motto of the program is to give hope and uplift their mindset during the tough times of COVID. Also, it a reminder to bring back people’s attention towards the ‘power of dance’ for good health.

Medical Benefits of Dance

1. Dance for mental wellness: Studies find that dance can heal one’s mental state. It can act as the stress buster. It’s high time we educate people about the importance of dance for mental wellness. Dance brings positivity and heals from day-to-day challenges.

2.Dance for physical fitness: Scientific literature states that dance can improve the physical function, health, and well-being among adults. It can improve the aerobic power, lower body muscle endurance, strength and flexibility, balance, agility, and gait.

3.Dance to prevent incidence of falls: Further research finds that dance can reduce the probable chances of falls and injuries. It can successfully control the cardiovascular health risks.

4.Dance for weight management: Dancing can significantly help in weight loss. It helps to burn the fat from different parts of the body. In addition, it can tone the muscles. So, are U ready to look at dance as a great workout option?

5.Dance for reduced risk of Osteoporosis: Dance can reduce the risk of Osteoporosis—a condition that makes the bones weak and brittle. Dance engages the hip, wrist and spine well. These are also the same areas that usually get affected by Osteoporosis.

How to get started with dance?

Now that U know several medical benefits of dance, are U wondering how to start? Here are some tips.

  1. Begin dancing with the partner or with the group to get rid of any kind of social and mental reservations.
  2. Join dance schools, community halls to enjoy dance as a group activity.
  3. U can also consider taking part in dance fitness clubs.
  4. Start online. If you do not find any other partner or appropriate social gathering, take the help of online classes to engage URself in dance.
  5. Start with easy or UR preferred style of dance. This will help U gain confidence.
Basic Tips for Dancing
  1. If I have any specific health or weight management issues, see UR doctor before U begin to dance.
  2. Wear comfortable clothing for UR dance.
  3. U can consider body warm up exercises before U dance. Some stretches can help too.
  4. Keep URself hydrated before and after the dance session.
  5. Take appropriate gaps between UR dance sessions.
  6. Go slow in the learning stage. Don’t pressurize URself to be very quick and fast.
  7. Wear appropriate set of shoes for the dance form U choose.

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