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Post COVID Recovery Exercise Regime

Dr Masooma Ladiwala

Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

2 min read

Are U looking to make a come-back to the gym post COVID-19? There are certain set of precautions, care and measures U need to follow. COVID affects UR immunity, strength, breathing and muscle capacity. Thus, following a certain exercise regimen is needed.

The first step is to go slow. Doing intense exercise post COVID is a shock to the body system. It can result in breathing issues, body injuries, exertion, and stress. So, build up the strength eventually without over-doing it. For example, if U are someone undergoing weight training, then start with weights that are 50% lesser.

Secondly, doing breathing exercises post COVID is advantageous. COVID-19 affects respiratory and cardio-vascular health. Breathing exercises activate the diaphragm to improve lung capacity and oxygenation. Resultantly, the supply of oxygen to the overall body increases.

Go slow! Doing intense exercises post COVID can be a shock to the body system. It can result in breathing issues, body injuries, exertion, and stress.

Breathing Exercises U Can Practice post COVID

1.Breathe Stacking: This exercise requires U to stack UR breathe in the lungs. Breathe for 3 seconds and hold it for a while. Follow it with a re-breathe of 3 seconds and stack it up. Repeat stacking for 3-4 times before U finally exhale out.

Benefit of this exercise
This exercise helps in chest and abdominal expansion. It strengthens the lung capacity.

2.Deep Breathing on UR Back: This exercise requires U to lie on UR back and bend UR knees. Close UR lips. Keep one hand on the stomach and other on the chest. Now, slowly inhale to feel the breathe in UR stomach. Repeat this for 5-6 times.

Benefit of this exercise
This exercise helps to relax the nervous system and restore its health.

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Both these exercises also contribute to enhancing mindfulness and reducing anxiety. While it can be performed by both young & old, there’s an exclusive 6-minute walk test for elderly people to check their endurance. Here’s how one can do it.

  1. Take a pulse oximeter. Take or Check the reading of UR pulse and oxygen levels.
  2. Brisk walk for 6 minutes.
  3. Recheck the pulse and oxygen levels.
  4. Notice the drop in the oxygen.
  5. If UR oxygen levels are 95 or above, it means U are doing fine. If the levels are between 90-95, U need to rework on UR

lung capacity. If it is below 90, U need to consult UR doctor.
During post COVID exercises, it is also advisable to consult a physiotherapist. These health experts suggest specific training, exercises and stretches to activate the body muscles affected by COVID-19.
With these exercise routines, U can get back to UR normal state of health sooner! To know more, watch video where our expert Dr Masooma shares more tips.