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Shayamal Vallabhjee

Sports Scientist & Psychologist

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It is 7pm on Monday. Would you rather finish UR important business report or shut down the system to relax with UR family? Most of us, today, are a part of such struggling dilemmas. The outspread of COVID-19 has transformed the world around us. Virtual meetings, online classes, team calls on skype, the list of the activities we are performing right from the boundaries of home. It never seems to end! In other words, maintaining the fine balance between professional and family life is getting difficult. To sort this out, it is important to understand how our brain works.

Our brain mainly likes three concepts—stories, shortcuts and familiarity. Stories are the way our brain remembers unrelated pieces of information through a narrative. Shortcuts are the sub-conscious part of the brain making quick decisions. The third & most important concept, here in this context, is familiarity.

Familiarity of the brain makes our life difficult during COVID. Earlier, our brain was familiar with certain routines like getting up in the morning, having a coffee and then going for a work. However, in the new times of COVID, all one does is to get up in one room and work from another. In other words, there are no pre-routines in the current time that the brain can rely on to switch work/family modes.

Draw the fine line between the virtual and real-world. Strike a balance for a peaceful life!

The new normal is to cultivate the space and time to become more productive. We need to be comfortable in setting personal and emotional boundaries. That is the fundamental thing we need to start with.

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Secondly, in the times of COVID-19, it is important to avoid the intake of tobacco and alcohol. These toxic substances take away the brain’s ability to think with complete conscience. It erodes the cognitive strength of the brain and disables people from channelizing their focus and energy on things that matter.

Help URself, start being conscious of what you want out of every single moment, day, and week. Watch out how UR life begins to transform.

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