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Food can have a positive influence on UR menstrual health

Jen Thomas

Muscle Trainer, Pre & Post-Natal Exercise Expert, and Nutrition Coach

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Have you ever seen UR mother, aunt or sister worrying about her irregular menstrual cycle? Most women, at some point in their life, face irregularity in their menstruation. Menstrual cycles are a delicate process in a woman’s body and these cycles often undergo irregularity due to various reasons. Most women menstruate at a cycle length of 21-38 days. On severe irregular basis, doctors often prescribe hormone-based pills to regularize the cycle. But how safe are the pills? Is regular use of pills, alright? U can do a lot on UR own—by choosing right food–to help URselves. U have the power within U! What are the lifestyle changes that one can inculcate to bring a change? Here’s some light on it!

Here’s some light on it!

Food– has a great influence on how the body works and responds. The reproductive organs of the body including ovaries also work well when provided with rich nutritious food choices. Some foods that can help U regulate UR period month by month are:

  • Probiotics: Good gut health goes a long way in improving the body processes. Having a healthy dose of probiotics such as yogurt, kimchi, tempeh is useful. These probiotics balance the bacteria in our digestive system and results in improved fertility.

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  • Vit D3 and Calcium: Vitamin D3 and Calcium are useful nutrients when it comes to improving fertility. Embrace soy milk, cereals, cheese, tuna and green leafy vegetables to improve these doses in the body. Women especially lack calcium. A supplement through dairy products can suffice this need.
  • Iron: It is very important to ensure having enough iron in the body. Mushroom, Olives, Quinoa, Pumpkin, and Sesame have good iron content. Having these can help with improved flow, and menstrual-regularity.
  • Micronutrients through fresh fruits and vegetables: Consuming a variety of rainbow fruits and vegetables is vital for fertility health. These form an important aspect of a balanced diet that is necessary for menstrual regulation.

  • Make a list noting down what U ‘can’ control versus what U ‘cannot’ control. This helps reduce stress which in turn has a positive influence on menstrual regularity.

    Other factors that cause menstrual irregularity & ways to overcome

    Stress: We live in stressful-times. Stress impacts our sleep, cortisol levels, mind and body. High levels of stress impact- the menstrual cycle. To mitigate the stress, U need to first understand the reason for UR stress. Point and note the times when U feel low and nervous. Try and strike a balance between UR health and other goals. Prioritize UR day’s schedule. Make a list with what U ‘can’ control versus what U ‘cannot’ control. For example, deadlines in UR job are something U cannot control but U can control the way U can finish UR work. The second tip is to treat URself with small breaks. This is a way to breakdown UR stress. The body requires 3 minutes of relaxation to restore itself. Give URself that time. In a matter of 3 minutes, you can choose to look at nature, meditate, read an inspiring story or do yoga.

    Sleep: What’s good sleep? Does it change from a person to person? Experts say that sleeping for 7-9 hours is a good habit. If U struggle with UR sleep then start with 7 hours and add 15 minutes every day. Eventually, U may realize UR sweet spot! Sleep rejuvenates the entire body and plays an important role in regularization of the menstrual cycle. Studies prove that sleep has functional effects on reproductive viability in women. Sleep stimulates the pulsatile secretion of gonadotropins, essential for reproduction.

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    Overtraining: Training the body is good. But overtraining is bad. It leads to extra calorie burn. The lack of calories and energy affects the body including the menstruation. So if U want to fix UR menstruation issues, stop over training URself. Do High Intensity Training (HIT) only twice a week. Create a mindful exercise plan. To check if U R overexercising, look for any extended muscle aches. If you notice that you have extended muscle aches and pains for longer than two days, that’s a sign you should scale back! Try swapping your next high intensity session for a walk or a gentle yoga or Pilates session. Not every workout needs to be intense to be effective!

    Poor nutrition: Nutrition choices define UR menstrual regularity. Include wholesome foods in UR diet. Avoid packaged foods as much as possible. If U are someone who likes processed food then control the ‘amount’ instead of completely avoiding it. As a tip, create a balance between UR indulgence and health. Secondly, there is no “good food” and “bad food”. The mindfulness and intention towards the food decides its impact on UR body. As a thumb rule, prefer wholesome, unprocessed food over processed ones. Processed foods don’t give U the right kind of energy. U tend to feel sleepier and more lethargic!

    Underlying hormone issues: Hormonal issues need doctor’s attention. Especially, if a woman is trying to get pregnant or is suffering from PCOS, she should reach out to her physician. The doctors analyze the real cause behind the problem and suggest the required lifestyle change & medication.

    Common myths about Menstruation

    I cannot get pregnant if my periods are irregular – As long as a woman is ovulating in her particular cycle, she can get pregnant.

    If I wash my hair during menstruation, I will become less fertile – It is pure myth. Studies find no association between washing the hair with menstrual regularity.

    U necessarily do not need pills to regularize UR periods. Following a balanced lifestyle with nutritious food and regular exercise can solve a maximum of the problems. Hormonal issues should be checked with UR doctor. Adopt a healthy lifestyle and feel the difference!