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Fear of FOMO? Try JOMO Instead. Discover the Joy of Missing Out

Sahajiya Halder

4 min read

As things start slowly opening up, it can feel overwhelming to get back to the rush of the daily grind. Learning to strike a balance and savour living in the moment at your own pace can do wonders for your mental well-being. Here is why.

Fear of Missing Out or FOMO is a term we are all familiar with, thanks to social media. On the flip side of FOMO lies JOMO, or the Joy of Missing Out, which refers to the pleasure derived from living a quieter life at a slower pace on your own terms, enjoying the present moment without worrying about missing out on the demands of the rest of the world. Coined by blogger and entrepreneur Anil Dash, JOMO, according to mental health expert Dr. Kristen Fuller, is “the emotionally intelligent antidote to FOMO”.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought the world to a standstill, and we are still grappling with its effects. The necessity of social distancing in the interest of public health and safety and the concurrent lockdowns all over the globe led us to spend a significant amount of time with ourselves, adjusting to a more solitary routine. While things are slowly starting to open up again, incorporating this habit of disengaging and embracing the joy of missing out can be beneficial in the long term, not only because social distancing is still important, but also because it could help our emotional health overall.

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