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Ways You Can Empower Yourself To Make Healthy Food Choices

Veena Reddy

MS, RD, LD ( Dietitian)

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Inculcating healthy eating patterns in UR life has a plethora of health perks. Did you know that eating healthy can help you lose weight, maintain the weight you desire, lower cholesterol and prevent a few health conditions? With the bittersweet COVID-19 clouds glooming over our memories of rushing out the door to get to work, our yoga class, the gym, or to a dinner. It is more important than ever for us to make healthier choices for our body to withstand these unpredictable times with finesse. Read on to witness a win-win for our health and our wallets. Make healthier food choices and live sustainably within UR budget.

How To Make Powerful Food Choices
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Plan UR meals in advance for a week.

This can help you save time, money and make the most out of what you have in UR fridge or pantry.

Get into the habit of reading food labels and ingredient lists.

Get into the habit of reading food labels and ingredient lists.

A long list of ingredients may indicate more processing and additives in the product. First five ingredients on the list are of the highest content in any food product. For example, if in the veggie burger wheat flour is the first ingredient, then this means that there is more wheat flour than veggies.

Follow a healthy diet plan.

As based on studies, an example of a healthy diet plan is the Mediterranean Diet. I recommend using this diet as a guideline to incorporate a variety of food groups in UR day to day meals. Learn how you can customize UR own diet plan.

Focus on selecting nutrient-dense foods within all food groups.

Focus on selecting nutrient-dense foods within all food groups.

Eggs, avocado, shiitake mushrooms, spinach, almonds, bok choy, tomatoes and dark chocolate (cocoa). All of which, are great sources of nutrient-dense foods. Or if you want to know which nutrient-dense foods are best for you then try consulting one of our certified dietitians and nutritionists.

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It’s Important to make a healthy choice of these items. Watch out for additives like potassium, sodium and corn syrup. Most beverages are loaded with simple carbs and sugar. Opt for fresh-pressed juices or fruit infused-water instead.

Avoid fruits, vegetables and herbal medications that can cause food-drug interaction.

Avoid fruits, vegetables and herbal medications that can cause food-drug interaction.

For example, dark green leafy vegetables and grapefruit can become a sign of worry for individuals on BP medication and blood thinners.

Store foods with long shelf life in the pantry.

Foods such as whole grains, legumes, lentils, whole wheat pasta etc. Be aware whole grains are low in B vitamins and Folic acid and most grains are fortified with them.

Organic food choices are simply great.

Organic food choices are simply great.

“Organic” food standards vary from country to country. Increase your awareness of the standards to source the best.

Know the difference between enriched and fortified nutrients.

Enriched nutrients are added since they are lost during food processing. EX: Bleached flour or white bread.

Fortified nutrients are added due to the natural deficiency or absence of certain nutrients. EX: Cereals, dairy products and milk. Most packaged products that you may eat like cereals are fortified.

Add legumes and lentils to UR plate.

Add legumes and lentils to UR plate.

Both are good sources of protein and fibre and are recommended as a protein source for vegan and vegetarian diets. Not all essential amino acids are present in legumes & lentils, you can make it more wholistic by combining it with other grains, For example, rice and beans, hummus and pita bread or beans and tacos. Lectin is the protein present in this group. There are studies of Lectin and inflammation. Assimilation of Carbohydrate is gradual and beneficial for a diabetic diet. Lentils primarily grow in pods and are rich in potassium, phosphorus, iron and fibre.

We suggest that it is best to consult a nutritionist before making any changes to UR daily diet. Don’t think twice, break the cycle and make the first move towards UR health and enhance URlife.