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Is UR lifestyle immune to COVID-19 or is it time for a change

Shammi Gupta

Yoga Acharya & Wellness Consultant
Founder - Shammi's Yogalaya

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Work priorities, personal life commitments and other little tasks can fill your day’s schedule and leave no time for exercise. So, how do you take out time to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle? What are the basic things to do when we can’t exercise or practice meditation?

The Answer is Food|Activity|Sleep.

When life leaves no room for exercise and other forms of fitness activity, it’s time to look back and rely on the basics – food, activity, and sleep.


Nutrition is important to nourish our body, as it nourishes our cells. It is important to keep a watch on your food habits. It begins with eating right – with eating local, regional and freshly cooked food.

When we store food and then cook it, it loses its nutritional value. Our body ultimately loses out on the vital nutrients that are important to boost our immunity.

Food, activity, and sleep determine the quality of UR life. Set the tone of UR lifestyle with the right knowledge these essentials

For example, If you have cut vegetables on the previous day and use it to prepare a dish the next day, it becomes ‘dead food’. Consuming such food does not help us in any way.

Eating frozen food is another example. When you heat frozen food, the food undergoes a transition between two different temperatures. It results in a loss of nutritional value.

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The best approach to healthy living is to eat freshly cooked food.


The new-age lifestyle has reduced our activities to a mere ‘click’. We order food, clothing, or any product simply with a click of a button, unlike older times. Earlier, we would go to the grocery to get food or clothes, walk short distances, and do most of our household chores without the help of technology.

These activities gave us more endurance and improved our ability to carry out more tasks. In current times, we lack such activity and have rather become ‘couch potatoes’, who are confined to sitting in one place and developing a bad posture.

It becomes imperative for us to indulge in more activity throughout the day. Eliminating the involvement of technology and personally indulging in our household chores will help us become more active and increase our physical strength.

“Instead of sitting for long hours, if you set an alarm for every 30 minutes, it will help you indulge in activity,” says Dr. Gupta.


With a massive shift in our work patterns over the years, the line between work and rest has blurred. This has resulted in a lot of sleep issues, poor performance at work and the inability to carry out everyday tasks.

Our Yoga Acharya and wellness counselor Dr. Shammi Gupta has some simple exercise tips that U can practice post recovery from COVID-19.


While practicing breathing, you must focus on whether your stomach is going in or out. A common mistake that people make is they are not aware of whether their stomach is going in or out. That’s where your foundation goes wrong. Ideally, when you breathe in, your stomach should move outward.

  • Put one of your hand on your stomach
  • Breathe in slowly while holding your stomach
  • Then breathe out gently while still holding your stomach
  • Do this 10 times

By doing this, you can relax all UR thoughts.

Pursed lip breathing:

This practice is very good for Asthma patients and people with Bronchitis. It will greatly help during COVID recovery.

  • First, U have to breathe in through your nose and press UR lips
  • Then, make a small O-shape with your lips and exhale through that O-shape very gently
  • In this process, UR stomach will move inward and your breath will go out of the O-shape