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Ultimate checklist before hitting the gym

Sandeep Raj

Transformation & Lifestyle Coach Internationally certified Nutritionist & Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Precision Nutrition L2. NSCA CPT

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We all know that exercise is essential to lead a healthy life. But if you haven’t been exercising and have some pre-existing medical conditions, it’s best to get a check-up and health assessment done by a doctor to ensure it is safe for you to start exercising or begin a weight training program. This applies to both men and women.

You may risk UR health if you exercise with a pre-existing medical condition like coronary artery disease. When you get a full-body check-up, you understand the depth of UR overall condition inside out. The advice on do’s and don’ts for a nutrition plan and exercise can be given accordingly. It’s best if UR doctor and trainer can give you a goal-oriented, tailor-made regimen suited for you within a budget. A sedentary lifestyle doesn’t benefit UR life in any way; some form of exercise is essential to keep the circulation going.

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Do not hide significant medical conditions from your trainer before you begin a weight training program. If you haven’t checked your health in the past six months, it’s essential to do so before starting an exercise program. Coronary artery disease, asthma, high blood pressure, obesity, osteoporosis, diabetes and other lifestyle ailments need to be checked before starting a weight training regimen. Irrespective of UR age, being aware of the current condition of your body can help you get UR desired results. Consult a qualified expert for advice. A physician with training in sports medicine or exercise physiology would be ideal. Remember, initiating a fitness transformation without a complete body analysis is like shooting in the dark!

Its absolutely necessary to get a complete body scan before stepping into the gym. CBP, Lipid profile, Vitamin Deficiency, Hormonal balance all need to be taken into consideration.

Also, a medical examination by a non-physician can be dangerous. If you have health issues and fall in the age bracket of 40 to 50, be wary of fitness screenings which are not done under medical supervision in gyms, health and fitness centers. They may seem to have knowledge and experience, but that doesn’t qualify. Certifications from reputed institutes are a must!

There’s a rise in health-conscious and figure-conscious people like never before due to which the fitness industry worldwide, is expanding in leaps and bounds. But though health has become a priority, not everyone is conscious of the importance of medical tests or blood tests before starting an exercise program. Before beginning a weight training routine or any exercise regime, a blood test should be considered. It’s also advisable to be cautious of UR trainer’s certification as well. The last thing you would want is to end up with an unnecessary injury.

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The Ultimate 7- Step Checklist To Follow Before Hitting The Gym

A proper assessment before you hit the gym will help you set the right goals for UR body. It will also allow you to focus on improving and enhancing UR overall health without exerting UR body.

1. Wellness Checks (CBP, Lipid Profile, Thyroid, Protein, & Ionic Balance) helps UR physiotherapist and UR trainer to understand UR medical history and customize UR exercise regimen as required, before you start any exercise regimen. All of these tests determine risk stratification and focus on how to improve UR overall well-being.

2. Body Composition Analysis: A bio scan is a great way to analyze the amount of fat percentage, muscle mass, hydration levels and other parameters in UR body. These results help UR physiotherapist and fitness trainer in understanding and analyzing UR exact basal metabolism, which is essential when you want to opt for weight training.

3. Stamina /Endurance /Metabolic Testing (vo2 max): These tests analyze the amount of exchange of gases which takes place in UR body during physical activity. It will help in identifying UR fatigue levels and also in designing the most accurate training program so that you don’t end up exerting yourself.

4. Motion Analysis: MyoMotion analyzes the human body movements. It assesses gait, posture, functional movements and also aids in training/conditioning these specific areas in the body.

5. Flexibility Test: This test determines the freedom of movement of all the joints in UR body. Doing a flexibility test can prevent musculoskeletal injuries and soreness. Muscle strength testing like push-ups, curl-up tests, and the squat test determines the strength of UR upper, core and lower body.

6. Well-being Analysis: This analysis helps in focusing on UR individual competitiveness, attitude and aptitude levels all of which play a significant role in meeting UR goals.

7. Nutritional Analysis: A balanced and nutritious diet has the most significant impact on training. Fueling UR body with optimum nutrition is always beneficial. It not only helps repair UR muscles but also supports you while UR doing intensive training because it reduces the risk of any illness or injury.

Benefits of following a simple checklist before hitting the gym

Determines which kind of exercises will be best for you: Depending on UR current fitness levels and overall health, not every exercise might be fit for you. When you get a blood test done, UR trainer will be aware of UR health conditions and suggest the most appropriate exercises that will benefit you.

Helps support UR fitness goals: An important aspect of UR fitness program is nutritional supplementation. UR doctor will be able to guide you about which fitness supplements you should and shouldn’t be taking. This will not only support UR fitness regime but will also help you recover better and achieve UR goals more efficiently.

Assists UR trainer in making realistic fitness plans for you: For overall fitness, being at an optimal weight which is in sync with UR body and lifestyle, is essential. Your trainer needs to be aware of UR health. So depending on UR body’s capacity and your physical health, an achievable fitness regimen can be customized for you while you slay UR current fitness goals!