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Jilani Basha

ACE Certified Trainer, Mac-Nutrition Uni,
Celebrity Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist

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Most of the people struggle with fat loss, muscle pain to make themselves fit. Today, I will tell you what exactly it takes to lose fat, build muscle & strength etc. There are many kinds of training such as HIIT (High Intensity Integral Training), low intensity training, strength training, functional training. All these trainings basically boil down to 3 parts – squat, dead lift and bench press.

a) Squat is how U sit and stand.
b) Dead lift is how to lean forward and get back. Also how you lift things from ground.
c) Bench press is how you push things away from you.

I will be demonstrating these three big lifts.

How to do a Squat

Squat is the most effective way to become stronger. But, once U load a weight it becomes difficult to do a squat and U are more prone to injury.

When U R squatting, try to do it in a simple way. Go as deep as possible. Don’t push URself too hard. Just to start, take a platform, sit down and get up.

Today, I will show you:

  1. How to do a Squat
  2. How to breathe when UR squatting
  3. How to make UR self tighter when UR squatting

Approach the bar; make sure that the center of the bar is in line with the center of UR body. Grab the bar, shoulder-width apart. Once U feel comfortable, get under the bar and make sure that the bar is not on UR neck rather on UR upper trapezium. Then stand up. Once U unrack the bar, take a step back and make sure that UR feet R shoulder-width apart.

Before U start a squat, make sure that U inhale, hold UR breath and push UR shoulders back. Make sure that U are using UR scapula back. Inhale, holding UR breath, slowly bend, stand up again and exhale.

This is a simple squat that I have demonstrated. Once U start a squat, U will need to progress gradually. There are many ways of progressing; U can either add some weight to progress or increase the pace of the exercise – tempo, which is how much speed U R going down or how much speed U are coming up. U can also increase the repetitions; a small progression of course.

Fitness is not a choice, it is a lifestyle that one should live up to every single day

Doing Squats with Tempo:

UR Tempo count should be 3 1 1 0. These numbers are basically the time period for which U do the workout. So, the first digit denotes the time U go towards UR gravity. Then the second digit shows U what time U need to stay there (At the bottom). The third digit denotes the time take to come up. The fourth digit denotes how much time U stay on the top. This is the tempo.

Dead Lift or Hinge Back

Suppose U drop a pencil, U pick it up. The way U bend is called a hinge. So, here’s how U can do a hinge and load URself, which is called the dead lift.

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Doing the Right Hinge Position

The first step is to practice doing the right hinge. When U R doing a dead lift, always try to keep a neutral spine – it is the vertebrae from the lowest back till UR neck; everything should be aligned. This is a hinge barrel. Take a stick, keep it on UR back and lean forward. If there is only one point of contact between UR back and the stick, U have to align UR back to the stick completely.

When U begin the dead lift, UR chins should be touching the bar; make sure UR feet R shoulder-width apart. Grab the bar outside UR feet. Before U start the lift, make sure U R squeezing the bar very tightly. When U squeeze the bar, inhale (diaphragmatic breathing), keep all the breath in UR body and push UR abdomen out. So, once U do that, all UR posterior change gets activated. Inhale, once U push, U can see my back getting tighter. We pull the bar but the bar won’t be coming up.

Grab the bar shoulder-width apart, inhale and make sure UR back is tight. Come up and exhale. So, whenever U R doing a dead lift, make sure UR back is in a neutral position.

Bench Press
How to Setup

Set up UR position by going back and lying down on the bench. Make sure UR eyesight is in line with the bar and UR feet R towards UR hip. Once U get into this position, make sure that there is an arch in UR back. What happens by doing this is, U will be generating the maximum amount of force, using UR back muscles and UR chest muscles.


Place UR hands against the bar – an inch away from shoulder-width. Grab the bar, while making sure that it is in line with UR eyes and UR knees are pointing to the floor. Increase the arch under UR back. Now, push the bar. Once U push it up, inhale. Once U R confident enough, bring the bar down slowly. Then lift the bar up and exhale. Repeat several times as per UR comfort.

These three big lifts are essential for strength training.