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Sit on a chair and try getting up on one leg!

Nishita Rao

ISSA certified PT and Nutritionist

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Fitness is a culmination of several factors including body composition, flexibility, speed, power, coordination, agility, strength, muscular fitness, and last but not the least balance. Balance is the ability to support the gravity line of a body without falling. It takes practice to attain a good, balanced postural movement. Balance comes naturally with strength.

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Did U know that there are some standard exercises to test UR balance, strength and fitness? Have U heard about the exercise ‘sit to stand?’ For some who does body weight squats – this balance exercise exercise can be done easily. Here’s how U can do this single leg stand up exercise:

  • Sit-back properly on a chair keeping UR back straight and comfortable.
  • Lift one leg off the ground slowly up to at least 1 foot.
  • Try standing with one leg – without flopping back into the chair!
  • Maintain UR balance for at least 5 seconds.
  • Return to the initial position and do this 5 times.
  • Try and perform this exercise with both UR legs.

Benefits of Single Leg Standup Exercise

As forming a part of balance training this exercise helps reduce the risk of the falls. U gain a postural stability that activates sensory inputs and motor controls of UR body, including muscle power and strength! UR reflexive ability due to sudden stumbles can also be managed in a much better way with good balance. With enhanced balance, UR muscles begin to adapt as per the situation and this can help avoid certain misalignments.

Having good quad strength is vital for all UR leg movements. Weak quads can affect the function of the knees.

Did U know that U can also walk and run well with good balance? When U walk or run, U have one foot on the ground only for 40% of the time. In other words, U need good balance to help UR opposite leg move well in the air. Mainly, this exercise trains you to hold UR own weight effectively.

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The other main benefits single leg standup of this challenge are as follows:

1 Increases strength in quads

Having good quad strength is vital for all UR leg movements. On the other hand, weak quads can affect the function of the knees.

2 Improves ankle mobility

Ankle mobility is linked with the performance of multiple compound movements. It is a key player in good motion.

3 Enhances single-leg stability

Single leg stability helps U to remain safe and stable. It enables building athletic movements.

4 Challenges body muscles

Challenging UR body muscles helps improve muscular strength and muscular strength is crucial to carry out activities without getting tired.

Mistakes to avoid when doing balance exercises
  • Going too fast
  • Trying to do these exercises soon after the injury or surgery
Can foods help improve balance?

There are certain foods that can keep dizziness and a lightheaded feeling away. Food low in sodium content helps to maintain good blood pressure. Eat a few salt-free items to stay healthy. This can help support UR balancing skills.

4 tips to improve UR balance
  • Walk, jog, cycle or climb stairs as often as possible. This improves muscle strength in UR lower body.
  • Do some stretches every day. This creates flexibility in UR body which in turn affects UR posture and balance.
  • Go slow and start yoga. The practice of yoga challenges UR balancing skills.
  • Practice Tai chi moves.

Try the ‘single leg sit to stand exercise’ today with UR friends and family to encourage a fit and healthy lifestyle among all!