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Secrets To Stay Fit & Healthy During Quarantine

Sohrab Khushrushahi

Founder SOHFIT (Crossfit Level 1 Trainer; Mobility and Movement Specialist (MobilityWOD))

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During the quarantine period, everyone is baking amazing cakes and posting amazing food pictures and recipes online which may just take you on a guilt trip once everything is back to normal.

People need to understand that the quarantine period is not an excuse to cook and binge. It’s also not an excuse to sit in front of the TV and watch Netflix! There are many things one can do to be productive and come out a stronger, healthier and wiser. As far as baking is concerned – go ahead and bake, but ensure you control what you put into UR system. Keep it simple, choose healthy alternatives. Go back to eating like UR parents did.

Fitness is not about getting ready to run a marathon, its about keeping yourself active for a minimum of 30 minutes every day. It could involve cleaning UR home or any household chores as well.

We’re talking about a pandemic, it’s something that could hit any of us at this point in time. I honestly believe that staying fit will help you stay protected!

Fitness is about keeping yourself active for a minimum of 30 minutes every day

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Food is very important. We need vitamins, minerals and the right kind of food in our system to stay protected. You don’t get vitamin D, vitamin C and all the important vitamins and minerals through cakes, pizzas and the fancy food UR indulging in at home.

The thing I remember most, is the way my parents ate. They are in their 70’s and still go to office every single day of their lives and still move around. Our parents and grandparents use to eat in a certain way. They didn’t have pizza and cake as options but just ate what was naturally available. They cooked at home and knew exactly what was going into their meals. They kept things very simple as there were no fancy recipes and ingredients. They had normal vegetables, dals and roti’s. So, the first thing you need to do is to go back to being simple. Go back to what UR parents and grandparents ate and unfortunately, this does not include gourmet recipes!

Make sure you cook something that is good for you. I think there are enough things you can make with healthy ingredients. For instance, take cauliflower. Today, it’s become the new pizza base. So basically, you must make good choices and use healthy alternatives for every single thing you make in the kitchen.


Talking about exercise and fitness, I’m not saying go out there and run a marathon or workout for two hours non-stop. I’m saying spend 30 minutes of UR day moving. I read a quote the other day which I really liked and thought was amazing – it says if you don’t come out of this pandemic healthier or fitter, then a lack of time was never the problem, its a lack of discipline!

Fitness doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym and lifting hundred kilos. Fitness means being active! Sometimes, just helping out in the house is good enough. During the SOHFIT 40 Day Challenge on our active recovery days, we get people to clean their house. I think it’s a very good workout and we also get to appreciate the work done by our house help. Take rural India for example. Everyone just sits on their haunches and squats throughout their day. They don’t have seats. You’ll never hear any of them complain about knee or back problems. They are all good at it because they keep doing it. For those who sit on their chairs the whole day, it could be quite difficult! I eat one meal in a squat position. Even though it could be my quickest meal ever, I try to eat at least one meal while squatting.

What we can learn from this is that exercise is not only gymming – it is not only going crazy for 20 minutes! Exercise is any kind of movement that keeps you active.  This is especially significant at a time when everyone is sitting at home on their chairs or couches. In such a scenario, the number of steps you take in a day is also going to go down and you are going to be less active. You need to do some kind of activity for at least 30-40 minutes a day.

Boost UR Immunity and Bodyweight Workouts

The right foods help boost immunity and exercise helps release the right hormones in UR body. A lack of equipment at home shouldn’t be a hindrance. UR body is more than enough. During the SOHFIT 40 Day Challenge, we give people bodyweight exercises to do. Exercising at home in a limited space and with limited equipment may not be everything you want, but trust me, you can enjoy working out at home too and make it effective!

Some people may get a high out of lifting heavy weights and if UR missing them, you can get creative. I lift my son and squat. I also lift a chair and put it on my back or fill up a backpack with stuff to make it nice and heavy and then work out with it. Also, you may not feel like going to the gym for quite some time in the short-term, you will need to work out at home and continue to take your health seriously. Once things ease out a bit, you can even get UR trainer to come to UR place for workout sessions. Online and virtual coaching is also a great option during this time.

5 Qualities of an Ideal Trainer

  1. Look for a person who is qualified and has the right kind of certifications and experience.
  2. A person who is willing to listen and not someone who only stamps their authority on you – instructing you to do only this or that. A trainer needs to understand who they’re working with and cater to that, as set principles cannot be applied to every single person.
  3. I strongly feel that every coach needs to look the part. I don’t think I would train with anyone who is big, fat and out of shape. The reason being, a coach should always inspire you to work harder!
  4. Be aware of coaches who try to oversell themselves. A trainer should not be giving you advice on medications or on food – because they are not qualified to do this.
  5. Man management is also important because your coach will be spending more time with you than possibly your best friend does! If you take a coach for five days a week – you will be spending five hours a week with this person. So, UR trainer needs to be someone you can communicate with and who understands your body and your moods.

An important point to remember is that UR trainer does not need to touch you to show you how to do any exercise. Exercises can be explained by the trainer showing you the movement. Just in case it’s really necessary for a trainer to touch you to convey something important – permission can be first sought to maintain a level of decency.

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Why the SOHFIT 40 Day Challenge Is Cool!

I believe you can only get fitter and stronger if you combine food and exercise. One by itself is never going to work. I like to keep things simple and thus have a structure in place as far as workouts are concerned. Every coach needs to know where they can push boundaries and push buttons and how they can gradually bring their ‘students’ up to a certain level. From that perspective I like the challenge, because this is what we do – we build people up one day at a time.

Five experienced coaches look after you every single day to make sure you are covered. We also try to find alternatives to everything; we ensure UR checking UR food and that your food is right. I also don’t believe in diets or following diets to get fit. We make you accountable not only to yourself but to UR community and group (as you are put on a WhatsApp group with a bunch of other people). Additionally, we constantly cheer you on and motivate you which I feel is very important.

Even if we are stuck at home right now, it doesn’t change the fact that we are social animals and we work better when there is some social accountability involved in what we are doing! The fact that you have 30 other people on the group encouraging you, sharing their experiences, their workouts, how they did the workout, explaining their workout strategy and so on – is motivating enough for you to go ahead and give it a shot! This works much better than personal accountability and that’s why I like it!

I feel there’s so much more to working out. Working out is one part of it. Being with your friends and sharing things that a lot of people don’t usually share – right from insecurities, what works for you, what doesn’t, what’s been happening, UR injuries and so on, are things you don’t generally share. I’m very proud of the SOHFIT 40 Day Challenge programme and I love it! I always wanted to help people and the purpose of this challenge is to help as many people as we possibly can, even if we can’t meet them in person.

Most importantly, we want people to come out of this lockdown situation a lot healthier and a lot better to face the world – that’s the endeavor! Stay safe yes – but also stay sane, because staying at home constantly can have an impact on UR mental state as well. This challenge gives you something to do and a structure to look forward to.

So hurry and book UR slot now! The last date for registrations for the fitness challenge is 17 April 2020 for the 20th April edition.

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