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Rejuvenate UR spine and enhance UR posture in 20 seconds

Shammi Gupta

Yoga Acharya & Wellness Consultant
Founder - Shammi's Yogalaya

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Our dependence on mobile phones and laptops to get our work done may force us to ignore our posture. How often have you felt a sharp twitch in UR back after sitting for long hours? We are aware of what bad posture can do. But despite this understanding – we are often compelled by our jobs to sit for long. We constantly sit in a forward position due to which the lower part of lungs that play an important role in breathing process gets affected. We breathe shallow which is unhealthy for the lungs! The reduced capacity of lungs due to improper posture creates an immunity deficit.

Also, when we sit in an improper position, we cannot maintain the neutrality of spine. On the other hand, the neutrality of spine is very important. Spine, as we know, is the important part of central nervous system (CNS). Improper posture compromises the passage of information thorough the spine, thereby affecting the working of brain. The core becomes weak. Life becomes sluggish. The chances of hypertension and diabetes arise! All these problems begin with bad posture.

Though the market does offer some neck and back braces, these are often inconvenient to use! As each body is different, opting for a customized back brace may be a good option.

Here’s an easy trick to make UR own back brace – all you need is UR old scarf or a tie and just 20-30 seconds of UR time for this DIY challenge! The customized back brace will offer you the best support you need, to maintain a good posture. You can use this back brace while U R working from home or even at UR office workstation.

Follow these steps to make a back brace using a scarf:
  1. Place the middle of the scarf on UR upper back and hold the ends in each of UR hands.
  2. Flip the ends of the scarf over both UR shoulders – one side over each shoulder.
  3. Tuck in the ends of the scarf under the scarf-line at the back.
  4. Keep the ‘pull’ tight and cross the ends of the scarf in opposite directions to form an X-shape.
  5. Bring the ends of the scarf forward under UR armpits and tie a knot below UR chest. Ensure the knot is a little tight, yet comfortable!

A good posture is for life! Besides relieving U of the back pains and aches, studies find that a good posture may help U to improve UR overall health and wellbeing.

Why is this DIY back brace effective for posture-correction?
  • The position of the scarf around UR upper back helps prevents UR head from slouching forward.
  • The pressure of the scarf on UR shoulder blades helps to keep UR back straight.
  • The crisscross made by the scarf on UR upper back reduces fatigue and muscle strain.
  • The knot in front, below UR chest prevents shoulder stiffness and upper back stiffness.

    Overall, this back brace can also help support the alignment of UR spine’s natural curves.

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Health benefits of a good posture

Besides relieving U of back pains and aches, studies find that a good posture may help U improve UR overall health and wellbeing! Here are some more health benefits of a correct posture:

  • Helps U breathe well
  • Supports digestive function
  • May help reduce headaches
  • Improves self-esteem and confidence
  • Keeps U happy and in a good mood
  • Enhances UR energy levels
  • Promotes good sleep due to reduced back pain
  • Helps U to exercise correctly and in a better way

Tips to maintain a good posture:
  • Take minor breaks in the midst of UR work and responsibilities – walk around; drink water.
  • Practice some spine strengthening yoga asanas or exercises.
  • Be aware of how U walk, stand and sit. Try and support UR body’s natural balance.
  • Maintain the level of UR head when in front of any screen.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to carry yourself well and walk well too.

Take up this challenge this Friday, to improve UR posture by using the tips and tricks mentioned above. Doing this will go a long way in helping U live a healthy, purposeful life!