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Kangaroo Care—The Benefits of Skin-to-Skin Contact For Newborns

Debashruti Banerjee

5 min read

The power of a mother’s touch can do wonders for the well-being of a newborn. Read how kangaroo care or skin to skin benefits can begin at the delivery room and last for a lifetime.

The whole process of labour and delivery is a drastic transition for a baby from the comfort and security of the womb. To make the transition easier, Colombian neonatologists Edgar Rey Sanabria and Dr. Héctor Martínez-Goméz taught new mothers to practice skin to skin contact with newborns in 1979—due to a shortage of incubators at the hospital for babies with infections. This technique is also known as kangaroo care or kangaroo mother care, taking after the marsupial’s tendency to carry its baby in its pouch for months after birth.

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