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Joshua Holland’s Quarantine Routine & Practical Recommendations To Maintain Optimal Health!

Joshua J. Holland & Tessa Cash

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If 2020 has reiterated anything, it is most certainly that the old adage of ‘health is wealth’ has been underlined, highlighted and imprinted boldly at the forefront of our minds. While my field of expertise is indeed the health and wellness industry, this unprecedented time has brought to my awareness how fundamental preventative healthcare is. Although simple, this concept has been adopted all over the world to prevent the spread of the incredibly contagious COVID-19 virus, with the use of masks, social distancing and self-isolation. I’d like to share a few of my tried and tested tips and tricks to further bolster immune health so as to create a strong foundation for the body’s defense mechanism to rely upon.
When it became clear that the COVID-19 was tenaciously contagious, I took the personal initiative to self-isolate early on, despite the absence of symptoms or a positive/negative test. I have a strong immune system thanks to my conscious endeavour of wellness and vitality, however COVID-19 was a stark reminder of how the world is so much bigger than the small bubbles we live, work and play in. Bearing this in mind, it was and remains to be of utmost importance to behave in a manner that puts the well-being of humanity as a collective first. I’m a man who walks the talk, and I felt it to be of great importance to set an example for my community and my followers in the directive of self-isolating early on in the piece, to keep the elderly and immuno-compromised in my building and community safe.
The past three months have been a mirror reflection sans distractions, commute, travel and socialising into the work I’ve cultivated over the past ten years. My sincerest goal within my working life is to help people reach optimal health and wellness, and in a country that has a privatized healthcare system, the most efficient, alternative and logical way to keep prime health status intact is prevention and maintenance!
One of the most effective ways I have come to maintain and champion preventative healthcare is via Ozone Therapy. Some may be skeptical about the protocol behind the administering of Ozone Treatment. However, after many years of research and experimentation, most recently with the acquired knowledge of patient treatment during the Ebola epidemic in Africa, I have come to a conclusion. While there are a few mildly unpleasant aspects, as well as a small amount of prior organization required, most of us would rather prefer a little preparation and unconventional discomfort as opposed to spending time in a hospital setting. We are all well aware of the risks associated with infection in a medical environment.

So, what does ozone treatment entail? Ozone is chemically referred to as ‘O3’. Unsurprisingly it consists of three molecules of oxygen, two of which derive from a conventional molecule of oxygen (O2) and an extra molecule that is added via the veering of electricity. Ozone has quite a distinct smell and is naturally occurring in the atmosphere. It is the molecule that protects earth from the harmful rays of the sun (the ozone layer!) and is also responsible for cleansing the earth when thunderstorms and lightning occur. The distinct smell that is apparent after a storm has passed is evidence of ozone in the air!

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There are a few different methods that enable the electrical conduction of the artificial production of ozone, not limited to but inclusive of the use of an ozone generator (purchasable online), which requires an oxygen source being fed into the generator. One such source is an oxygen concentrator, a bulky device similar to a suitcase on wheels. Connected to an ozone generator, the oxygen concentration takes ambient air (21% oxygen), and converts it to 95% pure oxygen. While it is not 100% medical grade, it is exponentially purer and cleaner than breathing in regular air.
I have an industrial oxygen tank in my repertoire of bio-hacking tools in my apartment, which creates 99.9% pure oxygen. I feed the oxygen from the tank into an ozone generator to create the ozone I need to administer treatments to myself! Ozonised air is a very effective way to kill bacteria, viruses and germ impurities that can inhabit insulated environments.
You’re probably wondering how ozone treatments are issued! The most efficient transmission is by way of insufflation. Colloquially speaking this means to blow air or gas into a bodily orifice, thus the nose, rectum, vagina or ear. Ozone can also be infused into water but it’s more difficult to consume higher concentrations orally in liquid form. Drinking ozonized water could be classed as a preventative health care operative as opposed to a direct treatment for eradicating harmful pathogens.

While the world has seemingly become a more fearful and confusing place that seems to be severely lacking in the ability to control or plan for the future, I have found comfort in focusing on the things I can control and ways in which to lean in to stillness, knowledge, understanding and the intricacies of the mobility of my body.

With many distractions disappearing in front of our eyes, I have had the luxury of diving into research methodology behind various health and bio-hacking protocols. For instance, I have been training on my CAR.O.L Bike with oxygen which I juxtapose with hypoxic oxygen, hyper oxygen and of course, natural ambient air to create diversity upon which my body has to adapt while being challenged. I’ve also had time to take my MovNat Kit out of hibernation so as to focus on reconnecting and retraining my body’s natural movement abilities. The MovNat Beam Assembly Kit is a series of beam apparatus tools that allows for primal movement to be re-engaged which enables joints, muscles and tendons to redefine structural support within the body.
The past three months have also provided ample opportunity for me to check in with myself. Being aware and cautious of what I consume stems across all facets of my life. While it is important to remain informed, constant social media, mainstream media and technological interaction creates stress, anxiety and irrational fear that clogs the mind. Having boundaries with what we consume and how we interact with people is vital to preserve a balanced and tranquil mental health, equilibrium. Fear is particularly rampant at the present moment and while it is important to check in with family, friends, coworkers and clients, it is of utmost importance to put our own (oxygen or cloth!) masks on first so we have a solid, strong and safe haven to retreat to when the storms of life descend. 2020 certainly hasn’t had any shortage of those!
This time has also been a period of recalibration in terms of re-establishing my priorities. Making a checklist of ways in which I can organize my day and schedule so I am nutritiously fed, bolstered by supplements that support my immune system, sufficiently limber, mentally and physically challenged, and have had good quality sleep is a recipe for a well-adjusted mind, body and spirit.
While checking out during times of extreme stress may be tempting, drinking excess alcohol, smoking cigarettes and partaking in substances that aren’t on the legal side of the fence actually create friction and add stress to the body by ramping up inflammation and adding pressure and toxicity to our everyday bodily functions. Doing away with habits that create a temporary release from stress is actually one of the best ways to preserve sound state of physical body and higher mind.

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I’ll leave you with a few practical recommendations that are key to maintaining optimal well-being! Drinking lots of clean water is vital in keeping our cells happy and thriving (we are 97~% water – remember!) There is a substantial amount of research that states that COVID-19 can be mitigated by drinking warm beverages. If this is something that gives you peace of mind then I’m all for it!
Our chemistry is scientifically proven to change based on our beliefs. Repeating a daily positive mantra sets a tone of intention. Flooding our minds with positive self-talk changes the outlook of our perception, our actions, our words and our interactions with the world! It creates more consideration, more clarity, more peace and a firm platform upon which to steel ourselves in the intense world we live in. Other practical tips including washing our hands, reducing how much we touch our faces, mouths, noses and eyes, wearing a mask in public spaces and generally being more kind, considerate and aware of others.
To close, constantly immersing myself in gratitude and reaching for the silver lining no matter how chaotic the world seems is something that has kept me grounded and humble. While these times are dark and overwhelming, I’m grateful and in awe of how the world has stopped, adapted, shared and shed light on systemic problems that will no longer be ignored or overlooked.
I’ve come across data and photographs that show the earth is the cleanest it’s been for eons, that reflect crystal clear waters with happy fauna and that pollution in the atmosphere has significantly reduced. This forced change has prompted so much compassion, connection and gratitude for those who perform the essential jobs that look after us on multifaceted levels. COVID-19 does not discriminate, and while it has meant great deal of hardship, sacrifice and deep sadness for so many, this then creates space for the world to lean further into compassion, empathy and grace.

Stay safe, remember your strength, cultivate peace and create happiness so that even amidst adversity, your most valuable self is protected.