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How to choose the right workout gear

Jilani Basha

ACE Certified Trainer, Mac-Nutrition Uni,
Celebrity Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist

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We all know that exercise is essential to stay fit and healthy. But not many of us are aware of how important it is to wear the right gear during exercise. UR performance is impacted with the kind of clothes U choose for UR workout. Not only do the right clothes get you in the correct mindset for a workout – they offer a whole lot of other benefits as well.

For the first time U manage to get yourself off UR couch – wearing a cotton T-shirt will do. But when U get serious about UR workouts U will want to opt for workout clothes that R comfortable and not baggy. This is because ill-fitting clothes make it difficult to exercise properly. U need to get on the machines in the gym and U need to get on the floor – to be able to do all of this U will require clothes that are not loose, not tight and not short.

UR clothes need to be comfortable and make U stay cool. This way, U will concentrate more on UR exercise. But remember, not to overdress and to get gym clothes that are not rough on UR skin. Avoid clothes that cause chafing of UR skin. UR workout gear should be functional. When U put it on, it should signal UR mind that U R ready to exercise!

The kind of workout attire U choose makes a difference in how you feel, especially after exercise. U may feel tired, sore, sweaty, exhausted or fantastic – depending on how hard U work out. The comfort of UR exercise attire depends on the fabric it’s made of and the type of workout or exercise U do. While some materials are designed to keep sweat away from UR skin during exercise, some other fabrics absorb the sweat.

When working out, it’s best to opt for synthetic breathable fabrics that don’t allow the sweat to be on UR skin – it just pulls it away! The sweat evaporates and UR body remains cool. This way, you don’t feel uncomfortable or sweaty. Though exercising in cotton clothes absorbs the sweat, it doesn’t keep the sweat away from the skin. Once the clothes soak up the sweat it becomes heavy and wet, making it uncomfortable to continue exercising. A good option would be to carry second set of cloths if UR training hard.

UR workout gear should be functional. When U put it on, it should signal UR mind that U R ready to exercise!

Before purchasing UR workout gear, it’s good to be mindful of the fit. The clothes should not only fit UR body well but the workouts you’ve planned as well. Comfortable and loose clothes may be ideal to exercise but not when U plan to run or go biking. The loose clothes could come in the way and get tangled up. If U plan to do Pilates or yoga, opt for fitted stretchable fabrics that keep sweat away. Just keep in mind that the clothes U choose to wear for UR workouts shouldn’t hamper the activity in any way.

For outdoor exercise U may need to wear exercise attire that matches the weather. Dress appropriately if U intend to exercise outdoors and wear clothing that keeps sweat away from UR body. Irrespective of the temperature outside, keep in mind that U will sweat once you start working out.

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The appropriate clothes for the right workout are important. But don’t forget to pay attention to the kind of sport shoes or sneakers U wear. They need to fit properly to prevent injuries. Proper shoes can help enhance performance too. Try to purchase UR shoes from a specialty store for the staff to help U with the correct shoes. They can assist with proper fitting. They will also be able to provide valuable information for the kind of shoes needed for UR sport.

Check the fit of UR shoes; you should be able to wiggle UR toes freely. Comfort is of paramount importance. To test the fit and comfort, run or walk a few steps in the shoes. If U participate in a particular sport often, consider getting a sport-specific shoe. In case U are using UR shoes for running, after about 300 hours of running, it’s time to replace them. The cushion in the shoe wears off.

There are a few things to consider when buying new shoes for UR gym workouts. If U plan to lift weights – U need to have a good grip on the ground. UR grip needs to be firm and flat. This is especially important if UR lifting heavy weights. Proper shoes ensure proper form and safety. Avoid wearing running shoes with thick soles when lifting weights. U need to get shoes with flat soles to ensure both safety and effectiveness.

When UR doing strength training or cardio exercises UR shoes need to provide good support for movements like jumping and shuffling. The focus should be on not just the support the shoes provide but the grip and cushioning as well. U can go for modest cross-trainers as these shoes offer support for UR ankles and the arch of UR feet. They are light and won’t make UR feet feel heavy. If walking or running on the treadmill is what UR exercise routine comprises of, opt for running shoes. These shoes provide ample support for this activity.

Getting the right attire and shoes for UR workouts is not enough – U need to accessorize correctly too. Nowadays, there are many accessories that can help U keep a track of the effort you put in. U can keep tabs on UR heart rate along with the number of calories you burn. The different apps available on UR smartphone can help enhance UR workouts. They help keep up UR momentum.

Other than the music from UR smartphone, the varied fitness apps encourage U along UR fitness journey. Use an armband to be able to keep UR hands free for exercising. Last but not the least; ensure U get URself a good water bottle to help U stay hydrated. Remember, hydration plays a key role in the success of UR workouts.