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Fundamentals Of Exercise For Every Body

Rakesh Uddiyar

Director & Founder Body Wizard Fitness Academy & Celebrity Trainer

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We all are aware of the importance of staying fit to sustain a healthy and more fulfilling life. However, it is sometimes easy to get carried away with the latest diets, fitness regimens such as intense obstacle course programmes and more. Furthermore, many of us may embark on a fitness journey without even knowing if it is suitable for us. This is because we fail to consider our current lifestyle, fitness levels and what certain fitness regimes may do to our body. But what if we knew the formula of getting results without indulging in aggressive diets, intense workout regimens and poor lifestyle choices?
By learning the fundamentals of exercise, we can determine what works for our body without overexerting it. Whether it is the food we eat or the current exercise regimen we are enrolled in, we will be able to get the results we want by implying the right technique and approach. This is where ADL – Activities of Daily Life come into the picture. So, let’s try to understand how we can go that extra mile in our fitness goals with just a little effort.
Get a complete body analysis done to learn more about UR body as this will help you understand UR body’s current fitness levels and the precautions that need to be taken if you have been previously injured. A complete body analysis will also provide a better understanding of how far you can push UR body without injuring and exerting yourself. Moreover, learning more about your body will assist UR fitness trainer to make the right choices for you to achieve your fitness goals. Understanding your body also helps you avoid extra stress to existing injuries, pains and aches.
A complete body analysis will help UR trainer determine which exercises are suitable for you to attempt and include in UR daily workout. By doing so, you can avoid any additional stress on your body and most importantly, you will not opt for intense regimens that can do more harm to your body than you know.

There are certain things you need to consider before opting for any workout regimen. These include current body analysis, BMR basal metabolic rate, daily lifestyle analysis, medical history and daily medicinal intake, previous injuries or physical health issues, if any and diet and habits.

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As every individual is different, all of these aspects above will help determine how far UR fitness trainer can push you to attain UR fitness goals without exerting your body. Being aware of these aspects can also help you and your fitness trainer shape your fitness journey by implying the right techniques and by including precautionary steps such as what to avoid while working out. For instance, if you experience back pain frequently, your exercises will be designed accordingly. As all of these attributes are very crucial, they should be understood properly and taken into account before starting any long-term or short-term exercise regimen.
There are three fundamentals of exercise and the core fundamentals of exercising are built on strength, agility and stability. So the truth is that the core of UR fitness routine should be strength, agility and stability, all of which work on every muscle of your body, enhance your body’s coordination skills and strengthen your body’s core. Therefore, any exercise regimen should incorporate the perfect combination of all three of these aspects which will also help you and your trainer understand how far you can push yourself in your workout regimen.

There are three fundamentals of exercise and the core fundamentals of exercising are built on strength, agility and stability.

Here are the three fundamentals of exercise you can include in UR workout sessions, without exhausting your body.
Strength Training: This exercise is not just about looking bulky and gaining more muscle mass. Strength training exercises help you burn additional calories so that you can keep unwanted weight away. The best part is you don’t require much equipment when you are doing strength training. Props such as inflatable balls, dumbbells and more can help enhance your muscular endurance.
Agility Training: This exercise generally refers to UR body’s ability in stopping, starting and being able to change and manipulate your body’s reflexes quickly while maintaining the right posture. Agility training includes exercises such as ladder drills, cone drills, running and more.
Stability Training: These exercises include a combination of exercises that utilize your body’s resistance to induce muscle contractions. Therefore, this helps build and enhance your body’s strength, skeletal muscle and overall strength. These exercises also help condition and improve your body’s balance.
Functional training involves a series of exercises which synchronizes your cardiovascular, nervous, and musculoskeletal and respiratory system together. It is one of the oldest methods of physical training without the use of any equipment and was first introduced in the field of physical rehabilitation by physiotherapists, to help patients recover from any previous injuries or physical disabilities. Functional training stimulates movements in your body in order to enhance your daily performance, so that your body functions like a well-oiled machine. Functional Training helps enhance cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, strength, flexibility, speed and agility.

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Not everyone can opt for an intense workout programme. An individual needs to have certain necessary physical activities in their daily routine to qualify for an intense training programme. For example, if you have no physical exercise in their daily routine, it would take more time to achieve a specific fitness goal. Like in the case of CrossFit training, this training is mostly chosen by athletes and fitness enthusiasts who are usually used to intense workout sessions. So just blindly opting for CrossFit training sessions can cause unnecessary injuries, which is usually not recommended or encouraged by fitness trainers for individuals who are new to exercising.
Working out is entirely dependent on UR daily activities. As simple as this may sound, UR current fitness levels also helps determine the type and level of workout regimen UR fitness trainer may recommend for maximum results. So it’s best to increase UR endurance and stamina slowly, as it takes time for your body to adjust to any form of exercise regimen.

No matter which age group you may belong to, or the body type you may have, the most important thing to keep in mind is your nutritional intake, as it assists in maintaining your overall health. Also, creating a wholesome lifestyle is the key to achieving the fitness goals you have in mind. So don’t get carried away with the latest trends when all you need to know is the fundamentals of exercising. Mentioned below are some easy points to keep in mind.

  • Every individual should be aware of the training they are opting for, which can or may not be inclusive of their current fitness goals and achievements.
  • Don’t push yourself or exert yourself as this can cause unnecessary complications, injuries and discomfort.
  • Ensure your trainer is certified and has renewed his or her license before the expiry date.
  • Check with UR doctor whether it is suitable for you to enroll in an exercise regimen, before you begin.
  • Fitness is a journey, so allow UR body to adjust to the new movements that assist in improving your flexibility, coordination, balance and overall strength.
  • Track your fitness goals and journey with the help of UR trainer, or by recording your achievements in a diary.