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Find UR Way to a Healthy Body & Peaceful Mind

Mansi Gandhi

MA Psychology, PG Diploma Yoga
Yoga Teacher & Entrepreneur

3 min read

Demanding jobs, stiff business competition, university grades, and similar other factors are throwing us into a cycle of stress, anxiety and depression. But how can we avoid such responses? Do we have a way out of life’s problems?

The good news is we can deal with the resultant stress, anxiety and worry. Yoga is the answer to today’s hectic lifestyle

Even a few minutes of still breathing has the ability to send UR body and mind into a state of deep calm and relaxation. And, this is only one aspect of Yoga, there’s so much more to this ancient science!

Here’s how Yoga can help U maintain a healthy body and a peaceful mind:

1. Strength, Balance and Flexibility

Has daily activity taken a toll over UR physical structure and posture? U can bring in strength, balance and flexibility to UR body with the help of yoga. Here are some poses you can try as part of this strength and flexibility building.

Janu Sirsasana, Up Dog Pose and Four-limbed staff pose

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2. Quality Sleep

Sleep is an important part of our lives. Stress and overthinking cause sleeplessness or insufficient sleep. This state can interfere with our mental cognition and impede everyday activity. Yoga can address this aspect. U can try yoga asanas such as halasana, balasana and baddha konosana. These poses decrease activity in the brain and relax UR nervous system.

Yoga is the solution to today’s hectic lifestyle.

3. Regulates Blood Pressure

Yoga involves some breathing patterns that control blood pressure. Also, U can practice asanas such as sukhasana which regulates breathing and provides U relief from high blood pressure.

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4. Immunity

There are some yoga poses that are designed to strengthen immunity. Yoga works on microscopic systems in our body. This strengthens our body’s defense mechanism. Dhanurasana and Mathsyasana are some asanas U can perform to boost immunity.

Yoga for a Peaceful Mind

 Yoga can contribute to bringing in more awareness, reduces stress, and increase concentration. It is also known to improve mood and behaviour. Simple practices of breathing and meditation can have a profound impact on UR mental well-being.

A simple chant of ‘OM’ can release the negative vibes off the body. Studies prove that the chant of OM reduces stress and brings blood pressure down. Meditation releases nitric oxide in the body which in turn relaxes the blood vessels and increases the blood flow to different parts.

Ensure to meditate every day. To begin with, sit in a calm, undistracted place. Close UR eyes gently. Inhale slow. And exhale deep with the hymn ‘om’. Take one step at a time and increase the period of your meditation day by day. You feel better and calm.

Incorporate these practices of yoga and boost UR physical and mental health.